Well folks, it’s a new day with Max on the way and a new beta to Play!

Jump on Labs and check out the latest player. Tell me if we broke your site, tell me if you like the new Full Screen feature for video. Tell me if you wanna come work for the Flash Player team.


Honestly one thing I have to say is that user feed back has been pouring in regarding the Player 9 release, and a good deal of that feed back went into this update, including the Full Screen feature. We have been making an effort to evolve the Player with how people use and want to use Flash. And you should watch the skies for more surprises to come.See ya at MAX!-Ken

3 Responses to Well folks, it’s a new day with Max on the way and a new beta to Play!

  1. Aran says:

    Hi Ken.I love the new full screen feature. I did some quick tests last week, and it worked really well. One thing I did notice though is that in Maxthon (a very popular IE based tabbed browser) is that the esc key doesn’t work to get out of full-screen mode. Standard IE/Firefox works as intended.I was able to get out of it with the context menu (as per the standard code example)Can you confirm/replicate this issue?Cheers,Aran

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Aran,Thank you for the comments. It is hard for us to keep up with all of the IE variants given they sometimes workaround otherwise standard code paths or limitations but I will open a bug and have it investigated. If the browser is not intercepting the keystroke and refusing to pass it to the ActiveX control, it is possible we can address the issue. If not we would need to open a bug with the author of the IE variant.Thanx!-Ken

  3. Aran says:

    Ken.Cool, I understand. I’m not suggesting you look to fix every IE variant, but I belive Maxthon is most likely the nunber one browser variant out there (with over 68 million downloads). And since I use it everyday as my IE testing, I guess I have a vested interest that it works :)I appreciate the follow up anyhow…Cheers,Aran