Adobe Media Player is in Beta!

And it is about time.

AMP is in beta and I have to say I am pretty happy about it. I think I am not alone in my dream for on demand ala-cart media entertainment. As it stands I watch most of my Television Series via mail delivered DVD subscription rental. Juggling all the things in life between home and work make the idea of me having to be sitting in front of my TV during the one time a Network assures me the program I want to see will be playing less the appealing. Lots of people love their DVRs for much the same reason but with more and more content being published online from past episodes on the network to extra fan content, and independent producers making a name for themselves, I really want the ability to get everything I am interested in, in when place, when I want it. AMP looks like it could be just the solution.But what makes it good? Well content streamed and downloaded to my computer at a quality good enough to play on my TV is great! The ability to subscribe to any content that is available and have it pushed means I can keep up with my content with very little effort. The idea that anyone could produce their own web series in as high a quality as they want and be assured their viewers can see it, navigate it, get notifications of new content without having to produce an application to view it is fantastic. The thing I feel may make or break the success of the Amp in my opinion will be how creative advertising becomes when it is integrated into it environment. Will it be intrusive, will it look like web banners, will it look like traditional TV ads? What would the advantages be in this Web 2.0 medium for the viewer, the advertiser? I suppose time will tell.

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