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So what is the future of software?

Thoughts about Web 2.0

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So it is nearing the dawn of the New Year and two things are hot topics around the water cooler. WPFe and DRM

Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere is Microsoft’s Flash killer. Only so far it is not everywhere and is struggling to have the equivalent functionality that Flash does. The Party line for why create WPFe is that C# developers wanted the same capabilities as Flash and Flex but wanted to continue using only Microsoft Technology. Which is interesting because they created their own MXML like tags for layout, and they are targeting users that want to leverage experience with JavaScript and HTML, and I can swear I can hear them singing “I can do anything you can do better!…. I can do anything better then you!!!!” But is there truth to MS’s motivational claims? Do they need to build their Flash killer so that RIA apps can better work with existing MS technology?

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Well folks, it’s a new day with Max on the way and a new beta to Play!

Jump on Labs and check out the latest player. Tell me if we broke your site, tell me if you like the new Full Screen feature for video. Tell me if you wanna come work for the Flash Player team.


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Woo Hoo AS3 is on the scene!!!!

Like Val Kilmer in Real Genius ActionScript 3 is both impressive and scary. It offers the best performance Flash developers have ever witnessed from the Flash Player and in my opinion enough power to rival the capabilities of Java. Although like Val’s character you are not quite sure how much sanity is there to balance that genius. You don’t really feel your idle threats will keep it under control and you fear that when you are not looking you might end up with an ice rink in your hallway or a house full of weapons grade laser cooked pop corn. Is potential disaster is actually worse then the reality?

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So who wants to work on Flex?

New jobs at Adobe:

WW020602-Developer, Flex Enterprise:

TB010604-Senior Quality Engineer:

LM020604-Flex Builder QE Engineer:

SK120508-Quality Engineer:

SK010609-Computer Scientist:

SK120507-Computer Scientist:

WW020603-Architect, Flex Enterprise:

SK120506-Computer Scientist:

HW020602-Computer Scientist – Flex Builder:

Hope you are ready for a pine forest scented geek-gasm

Well folks,

Flash Forward Seattle is just around the corner.

Yup Adobe is going all out for Flash. As I understand it we will have a stronger presence at Flash forward this year then Macromedia has had traditionally. I think that Flash being the new kid on the block in CS2 has created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the upper ranks. Bring you ideas, questions, and your feature requests!

Hope to see ya there.

So I just finished my first shift at MAC World SF and can I just say, WOW what a turn out

This is my first time at MAC World. Normally you will find me at Max or Flash Forward. But this year is pretty important to have our meet and greets to get to know all of the customers from both sides of the fence and my favorite jack of all trades whose best talents straddle it.

I have to say it was a rather huge contrast from predominantly large number of web developers I normally talk with. I got to shake hands with a lot of video professionals and photographers who could not wait to bring their content to the web in Flash.

Normally at the traditionally Macromedia centric conferences I would meet only a few first time users of Flash, often users who just specialized in other in other tools or server products. But at MAC World, I met some surprising number of users who seemed to be just learning about Flash now because now it comes in the web bundle. For some users it seemed that showing just a hand full of the new design features felt a little like opening some your Christmas gifts a day early.

A good number of experienced Flash users had some impressive ideas for new features and feed back on how the Adobe and Macromedia products could work in the future and were overjoyed to see the first of Adobe products available on macromedia labs. (Literoom)

There were even some inquires and buzz about Flash Lite despite the Flash Lite 2.0 beta update only being available on windows.

Before we became Adobe I knew it would open up a world of new opportunities for our technology and our users. However the enthusiasm and the electric atmosphere at MAC World was beyond my expectation so soon after being acquired.

Flash Lite 2 Update!!!!

You hoped. You dreamed, and now it’s finally happened. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Flash Lite 2 Update for Flash Professional 8 is completely LIVE on Labs!

Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

So it’s that time of year and it looks like Adobe got its holiday gift early. Macromedia

So it’s that time of year and it looks like Adobe got its holiday gift early. Macromedia

It’s been a rough ride for most but we will go into next year as a combined company. And since the dust is starting to settle (no snow in San Jose or San Francisco) we can start thinking about some new years resolutions.

Things you would like to see improve in our existing combined products, and maybe new products you would like to see.

But no need to limit it to that; after all I am a support engineer. Many of you guys have experienced forums and support service from both companies. We are going to need your input to help us continue with best of both worlds going forward.

Well I am off.

Happy Holidays, and see you next year!

Devleoping Flash for Mobile.. Internet reborn or are we going back to basics?

So lots of folks in the community are saying Mobile and Devices Development is the future. Some even say it will be like having a brand new internet. I have to admit, ideas of being able build Flash applications that can run virtually anywhere is an exciting concept but like all things new, we have a fair way to go before we will have Flash as abundant on cell phones as we do on Web Browsers. I can say development on devices is picking up. Slowly but surely developers are reaching out to support with the same sort of challenges they had when they first started making the transition from Flash animation and “Web Toys� to Flash Applications with advantages over existing technology in the medium. How many of you are developing Flash for Mobile Devices? Perhaps a better question, how many folks think they will probably be developing mobile applications in the next 2-3 years? Where is all this going to go, and what do you need to help you get there?