New Flash Media Server 3 Book released

Long time FMS Guru, Bill Sanders has just released another book to follow his previous Flash Media Server books. This time, its on Flash Media Server 3. I’m really excited for this book because its the first book that demonstrates ActionScript 3 on the Flash client. The book illustrates how to get the best from your streaming solutions, but it really focus’ on developing social community-based applications such as real time chat both for webcam and text-based. Learn how Remote SharedObjects can help you build these rich collaboration solutions on the the best and most ubiquitous platform on the planet… Flash + AIR.

From the Amazon description:

Don’t worry. With Learning Flash Media Server 3 and a little experience with Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0, anyone can get up to speed in no time. You’ll learn how to install FMS3, organize your development environment with Apache web server, and use the management console before diving into the whys and hows of:

* Recording and playing back streaming audio and video in VP6 and H.264 formats
* Using the new Flash Media Encoder to stream and record video
* Camera and microphone settings
* Non-persistent client-side remote shared objects
* Two-way audio-video communications
* Broadcasting and server-side bandwidth control
* Working with server-side files: the file class
* Server-side shared objects
* Server-side streams
* Setting up a software load handler using FMS3’s new server-side NetStream
* Bringing in data and working with configuration files

Way to go Bill!

Buy it on Amazon:

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