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Adobe Stratus – Developer Keys Now Available!

I’m excited to announce that Stratus is now publicly available for use by developers as a beta service. This is the long awaited missing link that will allow developers to take advantage of the new RTMFP protocol in Flash Player 10 and AIR 1.5. Why is this important? Well with RTMFP and Stratus, data can now be sent directly client to client allowing for highly cost-effective real-time communication. I can’t wait to see what our developers build!

What is Stratus?
Stratus is a beta hosted rendezvous service that helps establish communication between Flash Player or Adobe AIR clients. Once two clients are connected to Stratus, they can send data directly client to client. The APIs in Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 allow for point-to-point communication between a small number of subscribers. Publishers have to send data to all subscribing clients, so the number of subscribers is limited to the available bandwidth on the publisher end.

If data can’t be sent client to client, or if you need to publish to a larger number of subscribers, use Flash Media Server 3 or the upcoming Flash Media Server 3.5 ( to fallback for Client-Server data delivery.

What is available today?
The Stratus technology page is now live on Adobe Labs at Developers can use their Adobe ID to sign up for a unique developer key that is required to connect to the Stratus Service. While it is in beta, the Stratus service is free for developers to use. To help developers get started, we’ve also provided a sample video phone application. The working sample is live on the Adobe Labs site and we’ve provided the source code and a developer center article to help you build your own applications

For more info about Stratus and answers to Frequently Asked Questions go to:

Laurel Reitman
Sr. Product Manager
Flash Media Solutions

Announcing the first Flash Media Server User Group

Join industry guru’s Graeme Bull from and David Hassoun from Real Eyes Media this new Flash Media Server user group kick off on DECEMBER 10th, 2008 at 9am (PST). This premiere meeting will focus on an introduction of Flash Media Server 3.5 technology presented by Kevin Towes (me!).  I’m excited about this new group which will provide a forum of support and education in online video streaming, creation of interactive video experiences, application development and idea exchanges and much more.  Access the group now from this website:

This group will start as an online user group, and as membership grows, will split into geographical groups that can meet in person on a regular basis.   It’s all about idea sharing – how to stream video better, how to build more stable media solutions, how to innovate user generated content and social experiences.

Member skills can range from the absolute beginner to the absolute guru. Together, the community will drive new resources and education at all levels and on all subjects related to online video and communication.

The online group will be compose of:

  • Monthly, online meetings with industry experts and adobe personnel
  • Discussion Area – ask questions, discuss topics, solve problems
  • Event Calendar – posting of user group meetings and other pertinent industry events
  • Reference Library – files, bookmarks, contacts, notes, pictures, and more…
  • Blog – an RSS feed to pertinent, industry blogs
  • Jobs Board – advertise job openings
  • Media Gallery – share unique video apps