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Flash Player 10 reaches 55% adoption!

THANK YOU developers and publishers for helping Flash Player 10 reach over 55% adoption! This is significantly faster than any adoption any previous new Flash Player. Check out these cool demos of what Flash Player 10 can do

So why is this important? This means that the world is coming closer to a better video experience with support for Dynamic Streaming and other enhancements for video playback. Not to mention all the cool new 3D effects, text engine, sound engine and new filters that will help create media experiences to keep your audience more engaged around the video! At this rate of installation, it’s expected that by Q2’09, Flash Player 10 should surpass 80% adoptio (Pssst! Q2 is only a couple months away!)

We have also made a new milestone with AIR which is has been installed over 100 million times in just 1 year! You can have a look at the future of desktop video applications by browsing the shiny new AIR Marketplace. Search for "Video"

Have a look at the Adobe Flash Player penetration rerport here

Press release is here

Download Flash player 10 here. Download AIR here.

Live Flash Capacity has arrived – 800Gbps of live Flash delivered today

Today as the 44th president of the United States was inagurated, Akamai broke new ground in live Flash capacity. Akamai today demonstrated and supported over 100 media outlets collectively streaming over 800Gbps of live media from Flash Media Server.  Sites deciding to choose Flash included NYTimes, uStream, Viacom, Wall Street Journal, CNN and many others around the globe.  If there was ever any question of the reach and importance of a ubiquitous platform or any question of the capacity and scalability for live Flash streaming – today confirmed it all.

Here are very some impressive numbers supplied by press release from Akamai.

  • Single Day peak on the Akamai EdgePlatform for concurrent live Flash streams
  • 2 terabits per second
  • 12 million requests per second
  • 100 news portal sites
  • 5.4 million visitors per minute


Congratulations to everyone who was involved in supporting this momentous occasion, and thank you for creating such rich and engaging media experiences using the Adobe Flash Platform.

Flash Video Powering The Presidential Inauguration

Ryan Stewart today blogged about the importance Flash Media Server will play in the broadcast of Presidential Inauguration on January 20th. This event has the potential to be the largest ever event with multiple publishers delivering the same content around the globe. CNN and Facebook have teamed up to deliver the inauguration via CNN Live. Today Facebook reports 604,977 people have pre-registered for the event. If this is any indication – it will be an incredible day for Live video in Flash.

Here is Ryan’s post and URL:

On the podcast today Coté and I were talking about the inauguration as an online event. There’s a ton going on. Almost every major site is going to be streaming the inaugural ceremonies. But there are many different ways people are doing it. For the most part, as you’d expect, it’s being done in Flash. Basically all of the major media sites, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, etc – are all going to be using Flash. CNN is even going to be inserting ads into the live stream which is pretty cool. Oddly, just like the Olympics, the “official” site is going with Silverlight. But like we saw with the Olympics, I’m pretty sure most of the viewing is going to be done in Flash because ultimately the barrier to entry is so small, everyone has it, and Flash just works..

To read the rest of his blog click below:

Flash Media Server 3.5 and Flash Media Live Encoder 3 now available!

Today we released Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 and Flash Media Streaming Server 3.5. You can now download the FREE Development server right now and try it out for yourself from! We have also released Flash Media Live Encoder 3.0 with support for multi-bitrate encoding plus DVR functionality. You can download FMLE3 for FREE from

Over the past 12 months we’ve been working very hard to build on the success of version 3.0 which introduced standardized H.264/AAC codec support and new content protection mechanisms. Adobe Flash has become the defacto standard way to deliver media around the world. With companies including BBC, NFL, CCTV, NBC, Hulu, Amazon, Disney and MLB making the choice to leverage the ubiquity of the Adobe Flash Platform as the principle way to deliver rich and interactive media experiences.

This latest release includes significant improvements found in Flash player 10/ AIR 1.5 around the quality of delivery through Dynamic Streaming. New technology for live media using network-based DVR and also server-side archiving of H.264 content all help deliver interactive high-quality content. Thank you to the hundreds of you who participated in our pre-release program and to those of you who tested, and shared insight into the product and dedication towards its future.

This release will help improve the user experience for both Live and VOD content, and help you introduce new experiences for video over the web. The built-in web sever will also make it easier to deliver the complete experience from a single server, and help you experience the efficiencies streaming can provide. We have a brand new case study video available; check out how uses Flash Media Server to deliver interactive live experiences today.

The new Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3 (note the new name) now supports live multiple bitrate encoding. This means you can capture a single live source and encode up to 3 different bitrates from a single instance. The live encoder also has a new “Start DVR” button, but you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks for some new server side code to enable it. The button requires a new FMIS application called DVRCast. This application will be available for free in early February from our new Productivity Tools for Flash Media Server page on We’ve also added several other enhancements to improve the encoding experience. You can download the FREE Flash Media Live Encoder today from here

We also released today, a new Productivity Tools section for Flash Media Server ( The free set of tools and sample code will help you become more productive with Flash Media Server and reduce your development time. Starting today you can download a new FLVPlayback 2.5 component that can be used in Flash Professional CS4, we’ve even made this available for the Flex SDK! Also the new component has full support for Dynamic Streaming and DVR – we’ve also fixed numerous bugs to make the component more stable with streaming.

A new Dynamic Streaming ActionScript 3 class is also now available within the Productivity tools that will make it easier and fast to develop applications with improved delivery quality. We’ve also made available the FLVCheck tool and the FMSCheck tools.

Over the coming months, we plan to add more tools and sample code to this page including a new DVR server side application that will help you deliver scalable network DVR solutions for your live events using Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5.

Today, on our Flash Media Server Developer Center we’ve published new articles by David Hassoun, Tom Green and Abhinav Kapoor. These authors have produced brand new articles that will help you understand how to use some of the new features – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. These articles will cover details about FLVPlayback 2.5, Dynamic Stream ActionScript classes and also new video encoding guidelines that will produce a seamless transition for multi-bitrate delivery for both live and video on demand. The updated Flash Media Server 3.5 docs page also has new information for server deployment and development.

We’re excited to see what the world will look like with higher quality video and the new opportunity for interactive live experiences with DVR technology. We’re always looking for ways to improve the platform, and drive new experiences in media over the Adobe Flash Platform – send us your ideas today!