Flash Video Powering The Presidential Inauguration

Ryan Stewart today blogged about the importance Flash Media Server will play in the broadcast of Presidential Inauguration on January 20th. This event has the potential to be the largest ever event with multiple publishers delivering the same content around the globe. CNN and Facebook have teamed up to deliver the inauguration via CNN Live. Today Facebook reports 604,977 people have pre-registered for the event. If this is any indication – it will be an incredible day for Live video in Flash.

Here is Ryan’s post and URL:

On the podcast today Coté and I were talking about the inauguration as an online event. There’s a ton going on. Almost every major site is going to be streaming the inaugural ceremonies. But there are many different ways people are doing it. For the most part, as you’d expect, it’s being done in Flash. Basically all of the major media sites, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, etc – are all going to be using Flash. CNN is even going to be inserting ads into the live stream which is pretty cool. Oddly, just like the Olympics, the “official” site is going with Silverlight. But like we saw with the Olympics, I’m pretty sure most of the viewing is going to be done in Flash because ultimately the barrier to entry is so small, everyone has it, and Flash just works..

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