Live Flash Capacity has arrived – 800Gbps of live Flash delivered today

Today as the 44th president of the United States was inagurated, Akamai broke new ground in live Flash capacity. Akamai today demonstrated and supported over 100 media outlets collectively streaming over 800Gbps of live media from Flash Media Server.  Sites deciding to choose Flash included NYTimes, uStream, Viacom, Wall Street Journal, CNN and many others around the globe.  If there was ever any question of the reach and importance of a ubiquitous platform or any question of the capacity and scalability for live Flash streaming – today confirmed it all.

Here are very some impressive numbers supplied by press release from Akamai.

  • Single Day peak on the Akamai EdgePlatform for concurrent live Flash streams
  • 2 terabits per second
  • 12 million requests per second
  • 100 news portal sites
  • 5.4 million visitors per minute


Congratulations to everyone who was involved in supporting this momentous occasion, and thank you for creating such rich and engaging media experiences using the Adobe Flash Platform.

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