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Video Encoding for Flash

A key question that I get asked by customers is how do I encode this video to make it look good in Flash? In response, we now have 3 articles up on the Adobe Developer Connection to help you get started.

The first is a high level overview of the various tools in the market for Live and Video on Demand Encoding – both those available from Adobe as well as from our partner ecosystem.

The second is an introductory encoding article – H.264 for the rest of us – written by Kush Amerasinghe of Ask the Adobe Ones fame. It takes you through all of the basics of encoding and some of the specific nuances of H.264.

The third article is an advanced H.264 piece written by industry expert Jan Ozer, focused on some of the nitty gritty settings to get the best out of an H.264 encode.

Video compression and encoding can be pretty daunting if you’re just starting out, but these resources should start to demystify the process and help you deliver the best video experience through Adobe Flash Player.

-Laurel Reitman
Sr Product Manager
Flash Media Solutions