Adobe Dynamic Media in the Rocky Mountains

There is a lot more to video then just putting it online (although that’s my personal favorite part). At Adobe we spend a lot of time thinking how to create an integrated experience starting when you first capture the video to the point of publishing. FMS is part of an organization within Adobe called Dynamic Media which includes all the video creation and distribution products such as After Effects, Premiere, Flash, Flash Media Server, OnLocation and many more. Our group has also been described as “Anything at Adobe that Moves”. It’s really exciting to see how the products have come together over the past few years and understand how it impacts what you see on the web today. The workflow from Photoshop and Illustrator to Flash helps designers and developers create some really engaging video experiences.

If you’re in the Rocky Mountains (Denver) at the end of June (22nd) – you can see first hand how all these pieces come together at the Rocky Mountain Adobe Camp. Below is a list of some of the products and speakers featured at the 1-day conference. I’ll be there sharing some insights into Flash Media Server and delivering some words on the future of video over lunch. You will also see presentations from Level 3, Real Eyes Media and many other experts within the community and Adobe.

  • Video for Flash with CS4 – Paul Trani, Starz
  • High Impact Motion Web Graphics
  • Flash Media Server 3.5 Dynamic Streaming & DVR – Kevin Towes, Adobe
  • Deploying Video Using a Content Delivery Network – Level 3
  • Enterprise Encoding & Encrypting – Jun Heider & David Hassoun, RealEyes Media
  • Building Flash Video Players Progressive & Streaming (2-hour Hands On Session) – David Hassoun, RealEyes Media
  • Flash Media Panel Q&A – Adobe, RealEyes, and More

Rocky Mountain Adobe Camp will be held:June 22, 2009 from 9AM – 8PMat The Magnolia Hotel Denver
Hope to see you there!

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