M6 Web (France) selects Adobe Flash Platform for TV on Demand

I talked about M6 Replay at this year’s NAB conference in Las Vegas. M6 Web launched a Television on demand service in France that streams popular commercial programming on the web and recently moved their service on to the Adobe Flash Platform (Flash Player / Flash Media Server). They are also responsible for streaming the live Euro 2008 soccer games.   

When they relaunched the service using Flash, they had over 1 million unique visits after 2 months and viewers (on both MAC and PC) responded!

We surpassed M6 Replay’s audience size record one month after moving to the Adobe Flash Platform, with 10 million streaming sessions. The cross-platform support and rich user experience, coupled with quality network programming, are driving audience growth


This is a great example how companies who choose to leverage Flash and Flash Media Server as the distribution technology can drive significant more traffic, and make more money through advertising – simply because it’s easier to access and a terrific user experience.

Many people ask us if content is protected in Flash. Using Adobe’s secure protocol, RTMPe and SWFVerification, you can protect your content or content you license. You can read more from our Technote or on our security page. There is a great quote in the case study that highlights how these techniques can be used (link below)

The U.S. studios were convinced that it was secure and we were confident that Adobe’s long-term support, particularly relating to content protection, was something we and the studios could count on.” The result: M6 Web received approval from U.S. studios and producers to distribute their television content on the web.

Have a look at the new Adobe Case study for M6 Replay from Adobe.com

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