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NBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer interviewed Bob Bowman, the CEO of MLB Advanced Media. This is a good use of 10 minutes to watch Jim express that is the best experience on the web today. During this interview Bob discusses the success of – who switched to deliver and 15 live baseball games every day over the Adobe Flash Platform, including Flash Player and Flash Media Server services through Akamai. gets over 2.6 billion visits per year, they publish over 6000 streams per year and have attracted over 350,000 subscribers this year. Bob comments his strategy is the “3-A’s” Akamai, Adobe and Adaptive (bitrate) – you can fast-forward to 5:30 to see his comments. During the interview he also discloses 100 million page views to every day (inclusive of both online and wireless). They use to sell merchandise tickets and more.

Have a look at the full video:

Flash-based media player standards are here!

Today we made the announcement that Strobe is now called Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) and is now available! OSMF will help standardize media players that use the Adobe Flash Platform for media delivery.

I’m really excited about this collaborative, industry effort to help not only make video perform better in Flash, but will enable a larger ecosystem of media services to be easily incorporated into your player development… and, just because I didn’t blog about it earlier – Flash Player 10 is now at 86% adoption (7 months after release) and continues to be the number 1 platform of choice for video on the web.


Media players on the web today do much more than your television screen in your living room.   Media players are responsible for rendering the video, managing playlists, integrating targeted advertising, content protection, tracking and error correction. I spoke about this last year at Streaming Media West (download here).

OSMF is a flexible architecture to help developers create custom playback experiences while leveraging a potentially huge range of services made available through a common plug-in architecture. This plug-in approach will allow multiple CDNs, Advertising, reporting and much more to be easily added to the media player. You can look at some of the inaugural partners committed to building plug-ins to help you get rolling.


Put simply, OSMF lets you focus on the business of delivering video, not the player development – but will not prevent you from adding your own spin to keep your users engaged longer. As Adobe continues to innovate new features like Dynamic Streaming or DVR you can easily update your player with the new code so you can take full advantage of all the cool stuff we have up our sleeves as soon as we ship!

The website has been setup as the source code repository and home for all the pluggable components that people will make. The source code is available under Mozilla Public License.

Akamai who founded the Open Video Player initiative is also helping by contributing to OSMF through a strong collaborative relationship with Adobe. Tim Napolean, Chief Strategist at Akamai is quoted in the release:

“Open Source Media Framework complements and solidifies Akamai’s Open Video Player initiative,” said Tim Napoleon, chief strategist, of digital media at Akamai. “OSMF leverages code from Akamai’s Open Video Player and Adobe’s expertise and resources to assist media companies and publishers in redefining the benchmarks for online video experiences that are powered by standards based workflows.”

For details about the release

For the product page

The OSMF Wiki on

For more information about Open Video Player

Flash Media Server scales to support Akamai’s 2nd largest day

Yesterday, Akamai released a statement that the Michael Jackson memorial drove the 2nd largest traffic with over 2,185,000 live and vod streams- that’s over 2 terabits per second – and Flash Media Server delivered over 548Gbps for both live and on demand content.

Their biggest day was during the Obama Inauguration earlier this year. Many of the top broadcasters and publishers including CBS, CNN, MySpace, UStream, BBC, MTV and Hulu used Adobe Flash platform to deliver the live event.   

What I loved most was to see how both CNN and MTV integrated with Facebook to allow fans to interact with each other to share memories of the King of Pop.

I captured this from Akamai’s Data Visualization tool during the event.


Many news and blogs had good things to say about the video delivery experience. My favorite one is the minute by minute account of major broadcasters world wide from NewTeeVee

Live events on the web are growing exponentially, and publishers are finding new ways to engage users beyond just the streaming content.

Large Scale Deployment Guide and LiveStreamCast for Flash Media Server now Available!

Today we released a new deployment guide for large scale installations of Flash Media Interactive Server for video streaming (live or onDemand). This guide is perfect if you are a CDN or building a video delivery infrastructure (eCDN) within your company (large or small!).


This new guide will step you through your FMS deployment options including

  • Edge caching
  • Using the C++ plugins
  • Hardware Considerations including CPU, RAM, Networking
  • Capacity Planning and options to increase scale
  • Understanding how to Cluster
  • Supporting Multiple tenants
  • Access Control and Authentication
  • Server Monitoring – including 3rd party monitoring systems
  • Storage Options
  • Cache management
  • Live and VOD optimizations
  • Full Details on clustering with LiveStreamCast 1.0
  • Managing Content Protection features including RTMPe, Tunneling and SWF Verification
  • Complete Troubleshooting guide including how to contact Adobe
  • Full list of community resources
  • And a Glossary
  • Future sections will be added to include deploying Dynamic Streaming and DVR (expect that later this summer)

We also have a new full 2-day hands on training course on Large Scale Deployment. You can read the course outline here. Check for Classes here (select Category: “Adobe Video”)

Today, We have also released a new free sample application called LiveStreamCast 1.0 – providing you with the foundation to deliver a live streams across a cluster of Flash Media Servers – simulating the technology found in the Edge server configuration.

Michael Jackson Memorial Live from Hulu and others

I don’t know about you, but I really liked Michael Jackson’s music – a good friend of mine even made us dress up – glove and all – for a dance at his wedding. There are a lot of web events happening today, and from what I’ve been seeing so far the Internet is still working with the load. Most all broadcasters have some sort of live streaming available today (mostly in Flash). Here are some I’ve found. will be streaming the Michael Jackson memorial today live. Because of their syndication technology that shares the video player – you can add it to your blog or social network just like me (see below). And because it’s on the Adobe Flash Platform, you don’t need any additional downloads to experience the memorial King of Pop right from your desk at work.