Flash Media Server scales to support Akamai’s 2nd largest day

Yesterday, Akamai released a statement that the Michael Jackson memorial drove the 2nd largest traffic with over 2,185,000 live and vod streams- that’s over 2 terabits per second – and Flash Media Server delivered over 548Gbps for both live and on demand content.

Their biggest day was during the Obama Inauguration earlier this year. Many of the top broadcasters and publishers including CBS, CNN, MySpace, UStream, BBC, MTV and Hulu used Adobe Flash platform to deliver the live event.   

What I loved most was to see how both CNN and MTV integrated with Facebook to allow fans to interact with each other to share memories of the King of Pop.

I captured this from Akamai’s Data Visualization tool during the event.


Many news and blogs had good things to say about the video delivery experience. My favorite one is the minute by minute account of major broadcasters world wide from NewTeeVee

Live events on the web are growing exponentially, and publishers are finding new ways to engage users beyond just the streaming content.

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