success: 3 A’s (Akamai, Adobe, Adaptive)

NBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer interviewed Bob Bowman, the CEO of MLB Advanced Media. This is a good use of 10 minutes to watch Jim express that is the best experience on the web today. During this interview Bob discusses the success of – who switched to deliver and 15 live baseball games every day over the Adobe Flash Platform, including Flash Player and Flash Media Server services through Akamai. gets over 2.6 billion visits per year, they publish over 6000 streams per year and have attracted over 350,000 subscribers this year. Bob comments his strategy is the “3-A’s” Akamai, Adobe and Adaptive (bitrate) – you can fast-forward to 5:30 to see his comments. During the interview he also discloses 100 million page views to every day (inclusive of both online and wireless). They use to sell merchandise tickets and more.

Have a look at the full video:

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