Flash Media Server User Group this week

On Thursday this week (OCTOBER 29th), I will be speaking at the Flash Media Server User Group’s Online meeting.

For this meeting I will step through some of the new features that were recently announced at Adobe MAX around the new Flash Player 10.1.    

I’ll be covering a wide number of related topics including enhancements to Flash Media Server (RTMP), Adobe’s P2P technology (RTMFP) and also the new HTTP Streaming technology with Project Zeri.

I’ll review the enhancements to Dynamic Streaming with RTMP buffer management features that will increase the quality of service with stream reconnection and smart seeking with an upcoming service pack for Flash Media Server 3.5. We’ll also talk about the new announcement around Project Zeri which enables HTTP streaming to Flash Player 10.1, and finally RTMFP and multicast technology updates.

There will be time for Q&A so bring your questions ahead of time

Event Details on the FMS Usergroup website: http://groups.adobe.com/posts/e06590f7c3

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