Meet the FMS team at Adobe MAX!

Hello from Adobe MAX!   

I just arrived in sunny LA and everyone here has MAX fever – even the taxi cab drivers! If you are attending, make sure you come visit all the teams that make Flash Media happen. On Monday night at 8:00 PM-10PM (yes, PM) in room 513, you can meet the following Product Managers and engineering teams (page 14 of your Pocket guide, under Flash Media Server):

Flash Media Server and Flash Media Plus

  • Engineers: Matthew Kauffman, Michael Thornburgh and Kevin Streeter
  • Product Manager: Kevin Towes
  • Product Marketing: Desiree Motamedi

Flash Media Live Encoder

  • Product Manager: Laurel Reitman

Flash Access

  • Product Manager: Florian Pestoni

Open Source Media Framework

  • Engineers: Edwin Van Rijkom; Vijay Ghaskadvi
  • Product Manger: Sumner Payne

For those of you not able to attend this year and want to experience the show, log into and you can watch the Keynotes LIVE (Monday at 9:30AM (PDT) and Tuesaday at 10:30am) !

PS – Yes, I know I’m a bad blogger – but I will be posting lots of stuff this week from MAX. You can also now follow me on Twitter @ktowes, and you should follow #AdobeMAX on Twitter too!

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