Flash Media Server 4 Live!

On Friday, September 9, There were 2 opportunities to learn more about Flash Media Server 4

The first event we will be showcasing the new Peer Assisted Delivery for video, the entire event will be streamed live from our Adobe booth at IBC in Amsterdam, using P2P over UStream’s network running Flash Media Enterprise Server 4. We will also be streaming traditional RTMP streams as well. The stream will be optimized for mobile delivery (400kbps) – so if you have a Flash-compatible mobile phone with Flash Player 10,1 installed, you can experience the live event over p2p from your device.

WHEN: Friday at 9:30am (PST); 12:30pm(EST); and if you’re joining us live in Amsterdam at 6:30pm at the Adobe booth (Hall 7)

URL: http://www.ustream.com/adobe2010

Our 2nd event today will give you a chance to ask me questions about Flash Media Server 4, during our e-Seminar series with Streaming Media.com, moderated by Dan Rayburn

WHEN: Friday at 11am (PST); 2pm (EST);

REGISTER HERE: http://www.eventsadobe.com/streamingmedia/video/invite.html

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