New Encoding settings for multiple screens using Adobe Media Encoder CS5

Today at Adobe MAX, we announced new encoding profiles for Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (part of the Adobe Creative Suite 5) to help publishers deliver a consistent experience across multiple screens with full adaptive bitrate.



There is no single general encoding setting that fits all business cases, so we have provided 7 settings that will get you started. These settings will cover screen sizes ranging from mobile phones, tablets, desktops and televisions. If you produce your video using Adobe Production Premium CS5 you now have a simple workflow that will make your video look great across many screens.


Once installed, you will have these encoding settings available to you directly in the Adobe Media Encoder CS5 interface (see above)

We divided the 7 encoding profiles into 3 categories and optimized for sreen-size, encoding and bitrate.

CATEGORY A: Tablet and Mobile devices (frame size: 512 x 288)

  • Phone + Tablet 3G (350kbps)
  • Phone + Tablet Low (500kbps)
  • Phone + Tablet Wifi (700kbps)

CATEGORY B: Desktop and Television (SD) (frame size: 768 x 432)

  • Desktop + TV (1200kbps)
  • Desktop + TV (1800kbps)

CATEGORY C: Desktop and Television (HD) (frame size: 1280 x 720)

  • HD Desktop + TV (2500kpbs)
  • HD Desktop + TV (3500kbps)

Once the videos are encoded, you can use Flash Media Playback to deliver a full multibitrate experience across all screens that support Flash Player 10.1

One Response to New Encoding settings for multiple screens using Adobe Media Encoder CS5

  1. kmonahan says:

    In the instructions for Mac OS, the actual file path should be:
    Mac HD>Users>”User Name”>Library/Preferences/Adobe/Common/AME/5.0/Presets

    If there are multiple users, you must install the presets for each user.

    Hope that clears things up.