Adobe Flash Media Server 4.0.1 and OSMF 1.5 now available

FMS4.0-mnemonic.PNGToday, we released Adobe Flash Media Server 4.0.1 as a free upgrade to customers who have purchased Flash Media Server 4. This update includes all editions including Flash Media Streaming Server 4.0.1, Flash Media Interactive Server 4.0.1 and Flash Media Enterprise Server 4.0.1.

This release is primarily a security update, but there are also numerous bug fixes included. We have also updated the Multicast Configuration tool, which includes full support now for the updated Open Source Media Framework 1.5 (also now available).

You can Download Adobe Flash Media Server 4.0.1 here

Detailed Release notes here

You can download Open Source Media Framework 1.5 here

Open Source Media Framework 1.5 now includes full support for IP multicast, Multicast Fusion and Application Level Multicast (using Peer to Peer functionality). Included in this release is an updated definition of the F4M Manifest file that includes support for Multicast and P2P delivery.

Additionally, OSMF now supports the stream reconnect features found in Flash Player 10.1 and Flash Media Server 4 (all versions). This feature allows you to continue viewing video even if your network connection fails, and if you can reconnect before the buffer empties, you will have no disruption in playback.

To help you learn more about these features, including Multicast – there are now 2 new articles posted on the Adobe Developer Connection website.

Creating a Simple multicast video player using OSMF

Live Multicast Streaming with OSMF

Today we also release update patches for Flash Media Server 3.5 (3.5.5) and Flash Media Server 3.0 (3.0.7)

Download previous version updates here

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