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Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 – now shipping


We are trying to squeeze as much out of 2010 as we possibly can. Today I’m happy to announce the availability of Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 for MAC and Windows.


Flash Media Live Encoder is a free tool that streams high quality live video to the Adobe Flash Platform using Adobe Flash Media Server 4. You can use FMLE to deliver RTMP streams, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Multicast and Multicast using P2P (with Flash Media Server). FMLE can also be used with Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services to easily deliver your live content.

Big new features in this update include

  • Full Support for Microsoft Windows 7
  • Additional Capture card certification: Blackmagic Decklink + AJA Kona (formally Xena)
  • Support for new RTMP DVR workflows (supporting DVRCast 1.2 for Flash Media Server)
  • For DVR support with your Flash Media Server, you can download DVRCast 1.2 here from our FMS tools page.

So go start doing more live video streaming today!


Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2

Announcing Adobe Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services


Today, we have announced Adobe Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services! This is Flash Media Enterprise Server 4 available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for sale on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a pay-as-you-go offering.

I’m very excited about this release – it’s been a long time coming – and has been one of the most requested features by developers and business who use Amazon Web Services and Flash Media Server today. This release significantly lowers the entry barrier for developers and companies who want to leverage the full feature set of the Adobe Flash Platform, including all the communication and streaming functionality enabled by Flash Media Server. You can use Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services without purchasing hardware, network infrastructure, or a full license of Flash Media Server.




FMS on AWS is licensed at $5 a month and you can deploy as many instances of Flash Media Server as you need, and you can do it on-demand with full elasticity – so you can meet the demands as your business grows. Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services is priced based on the number RTMFP /P2P connections you need. With offerings from 100 connections through 10,000 connections, you can get started quickly and cheaply – and as your demand grows, you can manage your costs and deployment. Today, Flash Media Server is available in the US-East and Singapore Amazon data centers, and we have plans that include full deployment in all Amazon locations.

You need an account on enabled with EC2, and a credit card. You can use your existing account, or create a new one. Just follow the instructions as you subscribe and log in. Once you’ve logged in, you can purchase access to the Flash Media Server AMI. When you’re done, you can log into Amazon Web Services EC2 panel, and search for “Adobe” in the community AMIs. Click launch, set your start up environment and you’re ready to go. You can manage Flash Media Server using the Admin Console (requiring a manual start), and you can use SSH and SFTP to manage the server and upload files safely and securely.

FMS on AWS includes the full Flash Media Enterprise Server feature set:

  • RTMFP/P2P connections (connection number based on AMI instance type)
  • Unlimited RTMP/RTMPe/RTMPt/RTMPs connections
  • Full support for HTTP Dynamic Streaming including a pre-configured HTTP origin
  • Full support for all real-time protection with RTMPe and SWF Verification
  • Full support for Adobe Flash Access (with valid License)
  • No client-side caching
  • Access control layers at the server level
  • SharedObjects
  • Server-Side ActionScript
  • C++ Plugins
  • Full control over all server configurations
  • Pre-configured Apache web server
  • And everything else we could put in the virtual box
  • View the full feature set here

You also have full root access to the virtual machine – built on top of CENT OS, so you can install additional services on it that meet your business needs.

RTMFP connections are tied directly to the instance size you choose. For example, a Large instance will be limited to 100 RTMFP p2p connections, and a High-memory quadruple extra-large instance will enable 10,000 RTMFP p2p connection. The pricing is set per instance size. For full details and pricing, click the “pricing” tab on the FMS on AWS web page on

If you stream video today using Content Delivery networks, you can increase your flexibility using FMS on AWS as your HTTP origin server. Package your pre-recorded content or live streams into F4F and distribute through your favorite CDN(s). You can even stream directly from your Flash Media Server instance using RTMP or Application Level Multicast – the new P2P delivery option for live streaming using Flash Player. Leverage Flash Media Playback (built on Open Source Media Framework) as your video player, and you can be up and running in minutes. You can even stream directly from your EBS volume!

To help make you successful, Adobe support will be available for Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services, but your best (and free) way to get the support you need will be through the Flash Media Server forums – which are monitored by our Flash Media Server product team. If you do need to speak with someone by phone, you can call our regular support team for per-incident support:

There is a lot more to come from Adobe as we evolve this new service. We look forward to seeing the incredible new experiences you will create using all the features available on the Adobe Flash Platform with Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services.

You can also download our Datasheet