Flash Player 10.2 – Bringing Beautiful Video to the Stage


Today we announced an update to the Adobe Flash Player runtime that includes support for full hardware accelerated video rendering, called “Stage Video“. Video encoded using H.264 codec will be able to take advantage of hardware acceleration including support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Hardware acceleration makes video playback look better while using much less power which improves battery life, and playback performance that is up to 34 times more efficient.   

Hardware acceleration sets the stage for full 1080p HD video playback consistently on both MAC and Windows computers with about 1-15% CPU utilization. Developers can now start to optimize video experiences in Flash – if you are a DEVELOPER, you can see more information here to learn how to take advantage of this new functionality.

Today, companies including Vimeo, Brightcove, Epix and YouTube have started to enable support for hardware acceleration. If you want to see the difference, check out our showcase – after you have updated your Flash Player to version 10.2 – DOWNLOAD FLASH PLAYER 10.2

Experience the difference of Hardware Acceleration today

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 also adds advances in Full Screen video allowing you to watch a full screen video on 1 monitor, and multi-task on a secondary monitor.

For full details on the Flash Player 10.2, read the Flash Player team’s blog.

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