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BBC HD Streaming trials for Wimbledon using HTTP Dynamic Streaming

Today, Andy Armstrong a technical architect from the BBC posted a blog discussing their public trials of Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming for the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

Andy does a really good job describing why this technology is important for the BBC, and for large live events like Wimbledon an how the technology improves the quality of service using adaptive bitrate and deliver to mobile devices. If you are in the UK, you can watch the event in HD up to 720p, and if your network or wireless connection becomes limited, your stream will shift in quality down as far as 416kbps.

BBC is looking for testers – if you’re interested you can follow the instructions here:

Adobe Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services – now available in all regions


I’m happy to announce that Flash Media Server Amazon Machine Image is now available in all regions! You can now operate your FMS instance in EMEA (Ireland) and US-West (Northern California). This completes the implementation across all of Amazon Web Services data centers.

Amazon Web Service Regions include

  • United States East (Virginia)
  • United States West (California)
  • European Union (Ireland)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Asia (Singapore)

We have also released Flash Media Server version 4.0.2 both for the shipping product, and on Amazon Web Services. This new release improves performance, improves security options with a dynamic SSL model plus corrects issues in numerous areas of the product that improve the performance and reliability of the server running on Windows and Linux.

Customers have full access to both FMS4.0.1 and FMS4.0.2 AMIs in all regions with a single subscription.

To update your installation to Flash Media Server 4.0.2 click here

To access the new AMI for FMS4.0.2 on Amazon Web Services, log into your Amazon Web Services account, select your region (any region) and search for “adobe” in the AMI list. You can subscribe to FMS on AWS here.