Adobe Flash for Premium Video

From Pritham Shetty,
Vice President, Video Solutions, Adobe Systems, Incorporated

BBC, Hulu, YouTube, ESPN. Nearly every premium video publisher uses Adobe technology to get great video experiences to the devices viewers love. And, not only on desktop – WatchESPN uses Adobe AIR on Android and just passed 1M downloads. And, not only on Android – with Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, you can now stream to iOS using HLS.

Adobe is 100% committed to enabling our media and publishing customers to reach and monetize audiences on Internet-enabled devices. This means investing not only in Flash but broadly in delivery with Flash Media Server, content protection with Adobe Flash Access, and analytics with Omniture. In fact, we are so committed to the vision of premium video across every device, that we just acquired Auditude, a leading video ad management platform, last week. And yesterday, Adobe was awarded the Streaming Media Reader’s Choice Award for best video streaming software for our efforts with HTTP and RTMP streaming.

The investments we have made in video are only the beginning – and the announcements Adobe made around Flash are a doubling down of our commitment to the goal of great video experiences across devices. We are focusing our efforts on the experiences our customers are actively building, and reducing our focus on areas that are not widely used but require significant resources. This enables us to focus on unsolved problems, like standardized dynamic streaming and DRM for HTML5, that are holding back reach and monetization across devices.

Simply put – Adobe will continue to apply Flash technology – and all of our knowledge around Flash video – to the same problem Adobe has always solved for customers: reaching audiences across fragmented devices and operating systems. We are already investing in the future – but clearly we will continue to invest in the technology and that our customers are using today.   

This is what Adobe will support:

  1. Desktop: Flash Player as a browser plug-in
  2. Mobile Browser: Flash Player 11.1 will be available on Android and Blackberry. Adobe is committed to creating great tools and technologies for HTML5 experiences and server-side technologies to deliver HTML5 video (Ex. FMS 4.5 streaming to iOS).
  3. Mobile Apps: Flash based apps packaged with AIR which can be distributed via all of the major app stores, including Apple’s App Store, Android Market, Amazon’s App Store etc.
  4. TV apps: Ability to embed Flash video in native HTML apps as well as Flash based apps packaged with AIR

This is what Adobe will not support:

  1. Future versions of Flash as a mobile browser plug-in. Increasingly, mobile OS manufacturers are excluding browser plug-ins, limiting our ability to use Flash to solve mobile browser fragmentation
  2. Browsing on a TV. We believe the apps, not browsing to a website, will be the primary way viewers access premium video and games on TVs and peripherals. Specifically, we will not ensure that, for example, 10 year-old websites will render flawlessly on TVs because most people are not browsing 10 year-old websites on TVs.

Adobe helped start the Internet video revolution – and we believe these changes will enable us to continue making the right investments to drive the next wave of innovation.

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