Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5.1 Released

Today, I’m excited to announce the immediate availability of Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5.1 – an update that focus’ on improving support for long running live video streams such as 24×7 linear broadcasts running over the HTTP delivery system including HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) for Adobe Flash and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for Apple iOS.

Key functionality changes include

  • Improved support for 24×7 streaming in HDS and HLS
  • Improved compatibility with Adobe Flash Access DRM including Key Rotation
  • Improved protection options for streaming media delivered over the RTMP protocol (protected RTMP)
  • Support for SWF Verification using AIR (including AIR for Desktop, TV and Android)
  • Compatibility with AIR for TV support for Multi-channel Audio including Dolby and DTS) over HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • Change of the default Apache HTTP server to improve performance of HTTP Streaming and HTTP Streaming origin services

To Download the 4.5.1 update, click here

To Review the Release Notes, click here

To review the new protected RTMP in documentation (page 34), click here

This release improves on the Flash Media Server 4.5 release shipped in September 2011 and is a free upgrade for those customers.

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