HDS Best Practices for FMS 4.5 with Sarge from Adobe

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) lets you delivery on-demand and live video experiences using standard HTTP connections to the desktop and mobile devices. HDS is being used today by broadcasters like BBC (Wimbledon 2011) and AEG Digital Media (2010 MTV Teen Choice Awards). In September, Adobe updated HDS in Flash Media Server 4.5 adding new features and enhanced security.

Join this session to discover the recommended best practices for deploying HDS with FMS 4.5 from Sarge, Application Engineer for Adobe Video Solutions.

TIME: December 13, 2011 at noon Eastern / 9am Pacific:

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Here are some of the topics that Sarge will cover:

Encode high quality video mezzanine MP4 files and deliver them in real-time simultaneously through RTMP and HDS. Configure HDS settings to optimize HTTP caching. Sarge walks you through the changes to HDS in FMS 4.5, including:

  • Just in Time packaging (JITP)
  • Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (PHDS)
  • Set-level Manifests
  • Configuration updates

Who is “Sarge”? Sarge is an Applications Engineer on the Adobe Video Solutions team focusing on Flash Media Server (FMS) and related technologies. Prior to joining the FMS engineering team, he held several positions with the Allaire, Macromedia, and Adobe Customer Care teams supporting ColdFusion, Connect, Contribute Publishing Server, FMS, and JRun. He has contributed to several ColdFusion books including Ben Forta‚Äôs ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit series.

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