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Announcing Flash Media Server 4.5 on Amazon Web Services


Today I am happy to announce the immediate availability of Flash Media Server 4.5 on Amazon Web Services that lets you stream video and reach audiences on more devices than ever before including Apple iOS. Now available in all of Amazon’s datacenters including Brazil with reduced pricing of up to 10% !

Flash Media Server 4.5 is available today for subscribers, just visit your Amazon EC2 dashboard and search for “Adobe” AMI. If you are not a subscriber, it’s easy to join for $5 per month. Click here


Since first releasing Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services in 2010, we have seen tremendous number of customers that use this as an option to access the Flash Media Server technologies to start up a business, create social applications, create games and deliver great HD video experiences to Flash.

Now with Flash Media Server 4.5 you can deliver your video content to both Flash and HLS-compatible devices such as Apple iOS all from the same video file or live video stream. Yes, I said LIVE – We have worked closely with the Amazon CloudFront team to support live streaming for the first time ever, with the new support for lower caching, live is now possible on CloudFront.

The new features of Flash Media Server 4.5 on Amazon Web Services include

  • Apple HLS live and on demand streaming to Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Live Streaming using Amazon CloudFront CDN is now possible using HTTP streaming (Adobe HDS + Apple HLS)
  • Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (PHDS) for Adobe Flash – a light weight content protection option for HTTP streaming
  • Dynamic stream packaging that enables single source video output to Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Apple HLS streaming
  • Video Origin hosting to give you ultimate control over your video delivery

For more features, you can check out full 4.5 feature list at (note that SIP and IP Multicast are not available on Amazon Web Services at this time).

I’m also excited to announce a reduced price per instance hour that now reflects the new EC2 pricing, saving you up to 10% on some instance sizes

If all that wasn’t enough…. We now have support for all EC2 regions including Brazil and US-W in Oregon!

Learn more on

Now, pick your selves up off the floor, take a deep breath – there is 1 more thing you should know.

We have partnered with the Amazon Cloudfront team to give you a tight integration with your Flash Media Server 4.5 instance that can expand your video delivery globally through Amazon Cloudfront CDN. This means that you can deliver your live or on demand video streams to more devices in more locations with less buffering than ever before. I will say it again…. Yes, you can now use Live streaming over HTTP to Flash and Apple iOS using Amazon CloudFront CDN.

DOC: Click here to discover how to configure your Flash Media Server with Amazon CloudFront CDN

DOC: Click here for Getting Started guide of Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services

If you would like to learn more join us on Webinar on Live Streaming using CloudFront with Flash Media Server 4.5 where speakers from Amazon CloudFront and Adobe will provide an overview and demo of Amazon CloudFront’s improved live HTTP streaming support for both Flash-based and Apple iOS devices using Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 running on Amazon EC2. With this solution, you can easily and cost-effectively deliver your live video via AWS to multiple platforms and to a world-wide audience, while paying for the AWS resources you consume.

When: May 04, 2012 at 10:00-11:00 AM PDT

Click Here to learn more and Register

The new AMI’s are listed below

  • us-west-2 (US West – Oregon): ami-c8de52f8
  • sa-east-1 (South America): ami-bebf61a3
  • eu-west-1 (Ireland): ami-dd073fa9
  • us-east-1 (US East – Virginia): ami-69f82600
  • ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo): ami-b06edfb1
  • us-west-1 (US West – N. California): ami-a3b7efe6
  • ap-southeast-1 (Singapore): ami-904f08c2

We look forward to seeing what new video and interactive experiences are created with Flash Media Server 4.5 on Amazon Web Services!