Adobe Media Server 5 is here!


Today we released Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 including support for Windows and a free trial download. After 10 years of supporting the world’s online video experiences, Adobe Media Server 5 is the next generation in high quality multi-platform video delivery and protection.   

Adobe Media Server 5 has many new features such as Protected HLS streaming (PHLS) that easily protects content for Apple devices with our without the costs and workflow required to deploy a full DRM solution. Adobe Media Server 5 also meats the FCC legislated Closed Caption requirements so you can provide experiences across all viewer’s capabilities.   

You can experience Adobe Media Server 5 today on your iPad with Sea TV app. Sea TV is a joint partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Amazon Web Services that provides a real world example of the server delivering a 24×7 live video stream direct from the Aquarium. What is unique about this app is that all the video is protected with Adobe Media Server and with full DRM using Adobe Access 4 running the native Objective C Adobe Access client library for IOS.


You can download the Sea TV app right now from the Apple App Store:

Adobe Media Server rebrand is now complete and you will see new names. Here’s your guide to the new names

Adobe Flash Media Development Server is now Adobe Media Server 5 Starter

Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server is now Adobe Media Server 5 Standard

Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server is now Adobe Media Server 5 Professional

Adobe Flash Media Enterprise Server is now Adobe Media Server 5 Extended

We have a video you can watch to learn more:

For even more details – you can review our updated Whitepaper or check our new website.

Note for Amazon Web Services customers – currently we support version 5.0.0, and are working to bring you version 5.0.1 very soon.

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