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“Ask Adobe” Seminar series – Flash Media Server Roadmap



11AM (PST) / 2PM (EST) and 8PM (in Amsterdam!)

LIVE! from the International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam, join us for the 2nd in our series of “Ask Adobe” seminars with Over the next few months, these webinars will cover topics including Flash Media Server, Content protection and deployment strategies for the Enterprise and much much more. Join myself, and some of my Adobe colleagues as we bring you insights into how to get the most out of the Flash Platform for your video delivery.

From delivering your internal corporate messages, to delivering the most stellar content on virtually any device, and over virtually every network this series will inform you how to deliver the most consistent and high quality experience to your friends, your co-workers, your partners, your sales team, your customers and any one who you want to reach.

Through the series, join Streaming Media’s Dan Rayburn as your host through the series, and bringing your questions direct to the Adobe team.

If all that wasn’t enough, just by joining the webinar, you can enter to win a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium – the worlds best 64 bit video production suite.

REGISTER RIGHT NOW for the next seminar where I will be live from the IBC exposition floor in Amsterdam giving you a peak into the future roadmap of Flash Media Server.

If you miss this webinar, we’ll record it for you, but you have to register!

Here is what we have on deck following the next session:

  • September 22: Monetizing and Delivering Protected content to Multiple screens with Adobe Flash Access
  • October 6: Video Delivery in the Enterprise
  • October 27: (live from Adobe MAX in LA): Advanced Deployment Strategies for Flash Media
  • November 10: Building Interactive Experiences with Peer Assisted Networking (RTMFP)

If you’re going to IBC, you can visit us in Hall 7 at H23 Stand

Now Shipping: Flash Media Playback

Flash Media Playback is a brand new free media player for Flash that makes it much easier to deliver high quality video the widest possible audience using Adobe Flash Player. Flash Media Playback has been designed to make it super simple to deploy video in no time at all with full support for all the delivery technologies including RTMP/RTMPe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Progressive Download. All you need to do to use it is add some simple HTML to your webpages – The actual SWF file will come from Adobe.

Flash Media Playback is built on top of the Open Source Media Framework and as part of that framwork has full support for all of the third party plugin services from key service providers supporting the framework. Service providers such as CMS, CDNS, Advertising and Analytics that help you drive a business delivering video on the web.

Here are some important links to get started and learn more

The Flash Media Playback product pages:

The OSMF product page including Strobe Media Playback:

Developer Center Articles for getting started

Get started today, and keep creating great looking video experiences!

Large Scale Deployment Guide and LiveStreamCast for Flash Media Server now Available!

Today we released a new deployment guide for large scale installations of Flash Media Interactive Server for video streaming (live or onDemand). This guide is perfect if you are a CDN or building a video delivery infrastructure (eCDN) within your company (large or small!).


This new guide will step you through your FMS deployment options including

  • Edge caching
  • Using the C++ plugins
  • Hardware Considerations including CPU, RAM, Networking
  • Capacity Planning and options to increase scale
  • Understanding how to Cluster
  • Supporting Multiple tenants
  • Access Control and Authentication
  • Server Monitoring – including 3rd party monitoring systems
  • Storage Options
  • Cache management
  • Live and VOD optimizations
  • Full Details on clustering with LiveStreamCast 1.0
  • Managing Content Protection features including RTMPe, Tunneling and SWF Verification
  • Complete Troubleshooting guide including how to contact Adobe
  • Full list of community resources
  • And a Glossary
  • Future sections will be added to include deploying Dynamic Streaming and DVR (expect that later this summer)

We also have a new full 2-day hands on training course on Large Scale Deployment. You can read the course outline here. Check for Classes here (select Category: “Adobe Video”)

Today, We have also released a new free sample application called LiveStreamCast 1.0 – providing you with the foundation to deliver a live streams across a cluster of Flash Media Servers – simulating the technology found in the Edge server configuration.

Video Encoding for Flash

A key question that I get asked by customers is how do I encode this video to make it look good in Flash? In response, we now have 3 articles up on the Adobe Developer Connection to help you get started.

The first is a high level overview of the various tools in the market for Live and Video on Demand Encoding – both those available from Adobe as well as from our partner ecosystem.

The second is an introductory encoding article – H.264 for the rest of us – written by Kush Amerasinghe of Ask the Adobe Ones fame. It takes you through all of the basics of encoding and some of the specific nuances of H.264.

The third article is an advanced H.264 piece written by industry expert Jan Ozer, focused on some of the nitty gritty settings to get the best out of an H.264 encode.

Video compression and encoding can be pretty daunting if you’re just starting out, but these resources should start to demystify the process and help you deliver the best video experience through Adobe Flash Player.

-Laurel Reitman
Sr Product Manager
Flash Media Solutions

Welcome to DVR with Flash!

Today we published the first of a 2-part series showing how to use DVR functionality with Flash Media Server 3.5 and User Generated Content. David Hassoun from Real Eyes Media is the author of this in-depth 6-page article that shows how developers can create a DVR-enabled stream using Flash Player and DVR a playback solution from scratch. Here’s an excerpt:

“With the evolution of broadcast television and the ability to watch time-shifted content with pause and seek functionality, why wouldn’t that same standard apply to the web?With the evolution of broadcast television and the ability to watch time-shifted content with pause and seek functionality, why wouldn’t that same standard apply to the web?”

As we all look for ways to monetize content, one thing is clear – the longer you can engage a viewer, the more opportunities you have to draw revenue. DVR functionality will change the way we consume live video on the web by allowing the developer to create new ways to interact with live events including Instant Replay, live Clipping, instant VOD, Restart and jump-to-live.


This article will cover how to create Instant Replay applications and how to publish and play DVR-enabled streams. It will also discuss DVR publishing workflows.

Coming Soon! The next article of the series, you will learn how you can enable DVR Functionality without writing 1 line of code!

Flash Player 10 reaches 55% adoption!

THANK YOU developers and publishers for helping Flash Player 10 reach over 55% adoption! This is significantly faster than any adoption any previous new Flash Player. Check out these cool demos of what Flash Player 10 can do

So why is this important? This means that the world is coming closer to a better video experience with support for Dynamic Streaming and other enhancements for video playback. Not to mention all the cool new 3D effects, text engine, sound engine and new filters that will help create media experiences to keep your audience more engaged around the video! At this rate of installation, it’s expected that by Q2’09, Flash Player 10 should surpass 80% adoptio (Pssst! Q2 is only a couple months away!)

We have also made a new milestone with AIR which is has been installed over 100 million times in just 1 year! You can have a look at the future of desktop video applications by browsing the shiny new AIR Marketplace. Search for "Video"

Have a look at the Adobe Flash Player penetration rerport here

Press release is here

Download Flash player 10 here. Download AIR here.

The evolution of Flash Video

Andy Plesser and Beet TV came to our San Francisco Office and interviewed me on the the evolution of video in Flash. Aside from desperately needing a haircut, it’s a good point of view from Flash player 6 and Sorenson through Flash player 8 with On2 and now with Flash player 9 and H264. From Embedding to Download to Streaming. This video gives a pretty good high level overview.

The context for this video is here:

First Post

Flash Video has exploded in growth and popularity. The broadband video industry in general is also exploding supporting “Fremium” content monetized by Advertising. New companies are forming that provide innovative new social media experiences built on the Flash platform.

My name is Kevin Towes, and I’m the product manager for Flash Media Server here at Adobe Systems. I’m very excited about starting this blog and letting our community know how we see the industry and what we’re doing to enable the next generation of video experiences online.

I’ll use this blog to share news stories I find interesting, talk about some unique projects that people are working on, and generally open the discussion around what we’re up to. You might even see some sneak peaks here.

I look forward to seeing your comments and sharing this new world of video.

Kevin Towes