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Adobe Stratus – Developer Keys Now Available!

I’m excited to announce that Stratus is now publicly available for use by developers as a beta service. This is the long awaited missing link that will allow developers to take advantage of the new RTMFP protocol in Flash Player 10 and AIR 1.5. Why is this important? Well with RTMFP and Stratus, data can now be sent directly client to client allowing for highly cost-effective real-time communication. I can’t wait to see what our developers build!

What is Stratus?
Stratus is a beta hosted rendezvous service that helps establish communication between Flash Player or Adobe AIR clients. Once two clients are connected to Stratus, they can send data directly client to client. The APIs in Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 allow for point-to-point communication between a small number of subscribers. Publishers have to send data to all subscribing clients, so the number of subscribers is limited to the available bandwidth on the publisher end.

If data can’t be sent client to client, or if you need to publish to a larger number of subscribers, use Flash Media Server 3 or the upcoming Flash Media Server 3.5 ( to fallback for Client-Server data delivery.

What is available today?
The Stratus technology page is now live on Adobe Labs at Developers can use their Adobe ID to sign up for a unique developer key that is required to connect to the Stratus Service. While it is in beta, the Stratus service is free for developers to use. To help developers get started, we’ve also provided a sample video phone application. The working sample is live on the Adobe Labs site and we’ve provided the source code and a developer center article to help you build your own applications

For more info about Stratus and answers to Frequently Asked Questions go to:

Laurel Reitman
Sr. Product Manager
Flash Media Solutions delivers live video from the Republican National Convention via Google using Flash

USA is showing off its democracy strength once again. Being from Canada I find USA politics interesting, although my only participation is trying to convince my colleagues to vote one way or the other. However, I find people in this country are so engaged with the voting process. Canada has a much different political system then the USA and the new online experiences certainly do and will affect the social engagement of democratic systems world wide. It’s great that you can now watch conventions like these world wide live on the internet. It’s even more exciting to see how Live Video publishing companies like can create an experience that leverages the social nature of the internet.

This week, is broadcasting the RNC live. The streams can be emedded in any HTML site and today appear on Google News plus 100’s of other websites and blogs. You can use basic embed code to add it to your blog like I am doing below. Unlike other “similar” conventions you don’t need to download anything, and you can start watching quickly through many different syndication channels. chose Flash Media Server to deliver the video. is also responsible for live streaming from the Democratic National Convention (DNC) with

This is a trend I believe we will see grow in 2008, and through 2009. Leveraging the power of the people to distribute interesting Live content, then archive it for ever.