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Large Scale Deployment Guide and LiveStreamCast for Flash Media Server now Available!

Today we released a new deployment guide for large scale installations of Flash Media Interactive Server for video streaming (live or onDemand). This guide is perfect if you are a CDN or building a video delivery infrastructure (eCDN) within your company (large or small!).


This new guide will step you through your FMS deployment options including

  • Edge caching
  • Using the C++ plugins
  • Hardware Considerations including CPU, RAM, Networking
  • Capacity Planning and options to increase scale
  • Understanding how to Cluster
  • Supporting Multiple tenants
  • Access Control and Authentication
  • Server Monitoring – including 3rd party monitoring systems
  • Storage Options
  • Cache management
  • Live and VOD optimizations
  • Full Details on clustering with LiveStreamCast 1.0
  • Managing Content Protection features including RTMPe, Tunneling and SWF Verification
  • Complete Troubleshooting guide including how to contact Adobe
  • Full list of community resources
  • And a Glossary
  • Future sections will be added to include deploying Dynamic Streaming and DVR (expect that later this summer)

We also have a new full 2-day hands on training course on Large Scale Deployment. You can read the course outline here. Check for Classes here (select Category: “Adobe Video”)

Today, We have also released a new free sample application called LiveStreamCast 1.0 – providing you with the foundation to deliver a live streams across a cluster of Flash Media Servers – simulating the technology found in the Edge server configuration.