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Limelight Networks announces support for HTTP Dynamic Streaming

This week at Streaming Media East conference, we announced HTTP Dynamic Streaming will be available later this month. HTTP Dynamic Streaming allows you to deliver a great video playback experience over HTTP web technology. HTTP Dynamic Streaming has full support for adaptive bitrate, Live and DVR with full protection with Adobe Flash Access 2 (Adobe’s new DRM technology).

This news builds on the buzz that started at Adobe MAX last October, and on the heels of our first public demos at NAB conference in Las Vegas.

What I like about this demo, is the demonstration at the end showing how video can be created in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, then exported, packaged, and delivered using HTTP Dynamic Streaming in Flash PLayer 10.1 using Open Source Media Framework – now that’s an end to end workflow!

Through the development cycle for HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Limelight Networks and Adobe have been working hard together. At the show this week, Limelight announced they will be ready (limited availability) to support HTTP Dynamic Streaming for the Flash Platform the moment we release Flash Player 10.1, in the first half of this year.

At the show, we were streaming a live video delivered over Limelight’s HTTP network. Limelight has also created a demo site: that you can see HTTP Dynamic Streaming in Action.  You will need the latest version of Flash Player 10.1 RC4. You can download it right now from Adobe Labs .


HTTP Dynamic Streaming is important, because as audience sizes grow for live and on demand events, and business evolve around video delivery – having a standards-based HTTP delivery model will leverage the full CDN to bring content closer to the end user. This results in an video experience with less interruptions due to re-buffering, or network congestion.   

We posted a lot of new information on this week, here are some new pages you can check out for more information:

Over the coming weeks, as we prepare for release, I’ll be posting more information and videos about the technology on this blog about HTTP Dynamic Streaming, so stay tuned.