by Daniel T


June 12, 2006

Tonight on Adobe Labs we released the next version of Lightroom for the Mac. The beta 3 release includes support for several new raw camera foramts, and many new features and enhancements. Review the Release Notes for a complete list of changes that can be found in this new beta.
Lightroom Overview
Lightroom Download
Beta 3 FAQ


  • By Ariel - 10:17 PM on June 12, 2006  

    will there be a windows based version one day ?

  • By martin - 1:41 AM on June 13, 2006  

    @Ariel Just follow the Lightroom Overview link and sign up for the windows beta 🙂

  • By Matt Sandy - 8:40 AM on June 13, 2006  

    Another mac release… still waiting for a PC release.

  • By Shunjie - 9:36 AM on June 13, 2006  

    Yeah, I am waiting for the PC Release too. =(

  • By Philip "pips" Seyfi - 9:42 AM on June 13, 2006  

    PC Release plsss 🙂

  • By Craig - 10:01 AM on June 13, 2006  

    they need to add PHOTO RETOUCHER to the professions list for those of us that use photoshop for 99.9% of our business. Glad the version is Mac only 😉

  • By Jeremy - 11:25 AM on June 13, 2006  

    A Windows version of Lightroom is already under development, but is not yet ready for its public debut. The final, packaged versions for both platforms should be released within a few months of each other. As Microsoft is gearing up for a major operating system transition, and since Lightroom is a brand new product from Adobe, we are spending extra time on the Windows side to deliver the best design that will support our Windows customers today, while also building for the future.

  • By jack - 11:27 AM on June 13, 2006  

    Disappointing speed on Quad 2.5.

  • By adb - 2:39 AM on June 14, 2006  

    Mac-only is a good way to be 😉

  • By cw - 1:40 PM on June 16, 2006  

    all you windows users should just accept that mac is the way to go for this sort of stuff. 🙂

  • By Meandthem - 3:59 AM on June 17, 2006  

    “all you windows users should just accept that mac is the way to go for this sort of stuff. :)..while you wait for your own demise:)…hence why your system is so well represented in the greater community. Ludyte gloating is a temporary thing. As an eg a guy I have just been working with in Indonesia has a Mac problem…and has no way of getting it fixed in a city of 2 million…cos no one uses it. Arrogance is a gloat, and a lame one at that.

  • By demonsun - 12:47 PM on June 19, 2006  

    Damn, this is one of the reasons why I hate the “Smugness” of the mac faithful. This debate is pointless, there are those of us who prefer PC’s for certain reason, and there are those of us who prefer macs. I happen to use both, and I don’t really care what system it’s on as long as I can use it. However I Really want them to get a beta of the PC version out so that I have the same program to play with at home.

  • By Daniel Taborga - 1:20 PM on June 19, 2006  

    Hi DS,
    Thank you for bringing this comment thread back to the software: Adobe Lightroom. The engineering team is working very hard on a Windows version of Lightroom and we *will* have a beta available for the eager PC customers. I appreciate everyone’s patience in waiting for the Windows release as the necessary enhancements are being made to make the first Windows beta a successful one.

  • By Fede - 4:00 AM on June 20, 2006  

    ok ok but now let us say “wow! a mac only program!!”

  • By - 9:48 AM on June 28, 2006  

    Can any of the Adobe people shed some light on roughly WHEN Lightroom will be available to us poor and huddled PC masses?
    It would at least be nice to have a date that we can all look forward to.

  • By Daniel Taborga - 10:39 AM on June 28, 2006  

    Unfortunately we cannot provide a date, but we will have a Windows version for you to use. We are working on it now and would like to ensure that it meets expectations before we release it.

  • By Roger Howard - 3:55 PM on June 28, 2006  

    The download link for Lightroom Beta 3, posted here and on the Lab site, is broken – it’s taking me to a Flex page now. Was working just a few days ago. Help!

  • By Daniel Taborga - 4:21 PM on June 28, 2006  

    Hi Roger,
    Thank you for reporting this error. We have fixed this issue and you can now download the Mac build as usual. Thanks again!

  • By Spyros Smparounis - 2:10 PM on June 29, 2006  

    Just make sure the program is worth the wait – we will conveniently forget about all the delays in the long run:))

  • By Jeff Bridges - 7:12 AM on July 3, 2006  

    So will we see a lightroom beta for Windows some time this summer? This year? Before Vista? (We could be waiting a LOOONG time if it’s post Vista!)
    Can you give us a “guestimate” at least?

  • By Daniel Taborga - 11:13 AM on July 3, 2006  

    Hi Jeff,
    We plan on releasing the Windows beta of Lightroom this summer. I cannot provide an exact date for various reasons; but, I hope that this estimate proves to be helpful for you.

  • By Luis - 8:25 AM on July 11, 2006  

    Is there a way to have a viewer of a html gallery make comments on specific or all images, just like there is on the Photoshop CS2 “Web Photo Gallery”?

  • By Daniel Taborga - 8:45 AM on July 11, 2006  

    Hi Luis,
    The commenting feature is not implemented in Lightroom. It is a recorded wish in the feature request list so it may be developed in the future. Please add a post in the Lightroom Feature Request web forum (if there is not already one there) to discuss this idea with the community.

  • By Richard Boyd - 3:58 PM on August 11, 2006  

    Do we have an anticipated release date and price estimate?

  • By Daniel Taborga - 4:01 PM on August 11, 2006  

    Hi Richard,
    No public information has been announced yet. Stay tuned….

  • By rcm - 1:46 PM on August 16, 2006  

    I’ve been mucking about with the Mac b3 & I have to say it’s got me chomping at the bit for the full version – kudos to the adobe dev. team!
    Have you heard if there’s going to be full EXIF editing capabilities built into the final product? It would help those of us with tons of old photos that have incorrect info from various back-up/recovery scenarios where the original info is missing or incorrect. The ability to fix this would make future importing/organizing a bit easier.

  • By George Jardine - 3:04 PM on August 17, 2006  

    EXIF was sort of intended from the beginning to be read-only info stamped into the file by a camera. Or at least that’s what it’s grown into by widespread use by camera manufacturers. So we are very hesitant to allow editing of those fields.
    Most editable info (and photographer-set fields) such as Creator info, Keywords, rankings, etc, are stored in IPTC fields… which we allow editing of most of them.
    No plans to allow editing of EXIF metadata at the present time

  • By Daniel Jackson - 12:30 PM on November 16, 2006  

    Not sure if this is the right place for general questions and suggestions about Lightroom, but it’s the only place I’ve found.
    Lightroom looks very nice, but two issues matter a lot to me and I’m curious to know how they’ll be addressed:
    1. Exporting the database. I currently use iView Media Pro, and a big factor in choosing it was the ability to store libraries as files. This has three big advantages: (1) it makes it much easier to sync across multiple machines; (2) it allows you to create small libraries (“catalogs” in IVMP) for temporary use, and for improving performance; and most important, (3) it mitigates the risk of a database corruption messing everything up. I can’t see how to export the Lightroom library though; I can see the aglib file, but it’s not clear if it’s self-contained, and whether you can open several at a time. I do hope you’re not going with the “just one big database” model: singletons are almost always a mistake in software design.
    2. Can I create my own HTML gallery template as n IVMP?

  • By Daniel Taborga - 1:32 PM on November 16, 2006  

    Hi Daniel,
    I will forward this information to the Lightroom product team, but please use the Labs forums to contact the engineering team and discuss feature ideas with other users.

  • By Steven - 9:32 AM on December 1, 2006  

    Do we have a cost estimate on Lightroom yet? I am about to pee in my pants like a kid on Christmas Eve…

  • By Wohnaccessoires - 1:31 AM on March 13, 2007  

    Yeah, I am waiting for the PC Release too. =(

  • By Daniel Taborga - 2:02 AM on March 13, 2007  

    Lightroom is now shipping and available for Windows and Macintosh.

  • By Smart Repair - 2:23 PM on March 13, 2007  

    all you windows users should just accept that mac is the way to go for this sort of stuff. 🙂

  • By Autoankauf - 12:43 AM on April 12, 2007  

    Yes Adobe Lightroom is awsome i use the beta and i must say its awesome for Photographs like me!