by Daniel T


February 9, 2007

Language Pack, a proof-of-concept by the globalization teams at Adobe, is the latest technology to be added to the Adobe Labs wiki. As we do not localize all of our products into every possible language, we are investigating the possibility of creating localized “skins” that will be installed on top of our released applications to emulate a fully localized version of that specific product.
The Catalan Language Pack, our first Language Pack implementation, is available for Adobe Reader on MS Windows at this time. The Language Pack can be applied to any Latin language version of Adobe Reader. Once installed, the user will be able to utilize a “Catalan Version” of Adobe Reader each time one launches the application. The localized Catalan UI will be applied to the vast majority of the software UI (but note that any dialogs/UI strings that are pulled from the OS will remain in the base language over which the Language Pack is installed).