by Daniel T


February 15, 2007

Following in the footsteps of kuler and JamJar, myFeedz is the next hosted web application from Adobe to be showcased on Adobe Labs. More than an RSS reader, myFeedz is designed to help you keep track with the latest news and trends on the Internet, offer you articles relevant to your interests, and reduce the information overload. It learns from your reading habits and helps you keep up with your interests by offering personalized content. Sign up for an account and get started using myFeedz today.


  • By adac - 9:41 PM on September 22, 2007  

    Cool tool, I’m checking it out. Looks like I missed it when it came out a few months ago, I’m glad this came up in the search engine results.

  • By Angielski - 7:27 PM on September 23, 2007  

    Nice tool, I will try it. Cheers