by Daniel T


August 20, 2007

The ability to create and package Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) applications has now been extended to the Flash CS3 Professional development community. Adobe AIR update for Flash CS3 Professional beta will allow you to package and preview .air application files directly within Adobe Flash CS3; leveraging your existing Flash development skills to build desktop-enabled distributed applications and experiences with the Adobe AIR framework.
Downloads, documentation, and more are available on Adobe Labs in addition to other tools that can be used to build AIR applications, including Flex Builder 3 and the Adobe AIR Extension for Dreamweaver CS3.


  • By Marco Casario - 5:30 AM on August 25, 2007  

    That’s great guys !

  • By Victor - 3:28 PM on September 28, 2007  

    Great to hear that, i thank you!