by Daniel T


August 27, 2007

We have released a new utility for Adobe® InDesign® plug-in developers. The Adobe InDesign Plug-in Editor is a suite of tools for developing InDesign plug-ins, made available on the Eclipse platform. It provides functionality for:
* Graphical editing of InDesign plug-in FR UI resources.
* Context-sensitive, error-aware, text editing of InDesign FR files.
* Creating new plug-ins.
* Importing existing plug-ins and SDK samples.
* Building, through your platform default build system.
* Generate widget documentation for your plug-in.
For more information, see the overview demo online. Download the InDesign Plug-in Editor and view online tutorials from the Labs wiki.


  • By RV - 10:15 AM on October 3, 2007  

    I am very excited about the Adobe InDesign Plug-in Editor. Thanks for the update on this plug-in!