by Daniel T


March 2, 2011

A prerelease of Adobe® Pixel Bender® 3D, which leverages the “Molehill” 3D APIs in the Adobe Flash Player Incubator, is available on Adobe Labs

Pixel Bender 3D is a version of the Pixel Bender kernel language that allows you to produce vertex and fragment shaders that run on 3D hardware to generate output images. These kernels operate on 3D objects and affect their appearance. Pixel Bender 3D is built on the Adobe® Flash® 3D APIs, codenamed “Molehill” and found in the Adobe Flash Player Incubator, which handles the display of 3D objects in Adobe AIR® and Flash Player. Pixel Bender 3D provides a quick and convenient way of supplying shaders to “Molehill.” Where appropriate hardware is available, Pixel Bender 3D is GPU accelerated.