Welcome to Designer Exposed

Welcome to the LiveCycle Designer Team’s “team blog”. A place where we’ll post useful tips on how to use Designer, in-depth articles about new features, etc. We hope this will enhance the user forums (at www.adobeforums.com) and gives our developers an opportunity to provide “from the trenches” information about the product.

While we plan to post articles here, please continue to use the Forums for questions (and for suggestions about future topics for this blog). When we post an article here, we’ll link to it from any relevant questions in the Forum.

LiveCycle Designer Team

2 Responses to Welcome to Designer Exposed

  1. hetty says:

    Hello,I made my first steps in live cycle designer 8.0. I don’t have much experience. So I created a form. I don’t know how i can change the settings so that the fillable forms not only will be sent in XML but that there is an option to send the whole form including the filled fields.

  2. Kelly Apollo says:

    I need a tip!My customer wants the PDF form received in his email-box to be “read only” after a user fills in the dynamic form and submits it via email button.i.e. credit card informationThanks.