Model Viewer Layout

One of the Form Guide developers produced a ‘Model Viewer layout’ which is used for debug purposes. It allows you to see the XML data of the moment, and even to change that raw XML and immediately reload it so you can test out various scenarios. It also shows you the XML data as a DOM and it also shows you the full Form Object model.

It’s easy to use, just drop it into the project for your custom SWC so as to make it available to Guide Builder. Then add a panel and assign it this Model Viewer layout. Navigate to that panel whenever you want to see the current state of things.

Disclaimer: This layout is provided "as is" and not as a supported part of the product.

Download ModelViewer.mxml

One Response to Model Viewer Layout

  1. John Nesbitt says:

    Awesome – this is a brilliant idea!Thanks so much!(Perhaps you should add this as part of Update 1)