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Patch for Guide Builder Preview

This post is about an issue I uncovered while assisting a client with creating a Form Guide.

Under some circumstances the “history.js” script that ships with Guide Builder, as part of the Guide Preview processing, can adversely affect the Guide and PDF communication messaging as well as have a possible performance impact while previewing. Attached is an updated file for the Guide Builder that will allow preview to work correctly and more effieciently. Basically, I have just disabled the history processing which was of no value in Preview anyway.

Included in this post is a replacement version of the “history.js” file. It should be copied into the installed Guide Builder program directory’s “bin” subdirectory.

Steps to apply the patch:

1. Make sure there are no instances of Guide Builder running.

2. Download ‘history.js’ file, then Copy “history.js” into the “bin” subdirectory of Guide Builder.

For WorkBench installations:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\LiveCycle ES\Workbench ES\Designer ES\8.2\plugins\GuideBuilder\bin

For Designer standalone installations:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\LiveCycle Designer ES\8.2\plugins\GuideBuilder\bin

3. Open Guide Builder and do Previews.

Please let me know if this post was of value to you.