Patch to Guide Builder SDK for FlexBuilder Usage

Form Guide components need to be built using the same SDK as the core Form Guide Libraries. Flex Builder has updated its’ SDK but since the Guide Buider and the LC Server where shipped using a 3.0.1 version of the sdk, the default in Flex builder no longer works.

Guide Builder’s version of the Flex SDK is missing a file that Flex Builder needs in order for it to recognize the sdk version. Without the identifier file Flex Buidler assumes it is a 2.x sdk and does not load it correctly.

Click, download and save this flex-sdk-description.xml file into the Guide Builder flex-sdk directory.

The Default install location is:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\LiveCycle Designer ES\8.2\plugins\GuideBuilder\flexsdk

After applying the simple patch, in Flex Builder on your Project Properties, select “Flex Library Compiler”, (configure sdks if needed), and select “use a specific SDK”. Point to the Guide Builder 3.0.1 version of the SDK.

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