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Form Guide in an AIR app with a PDF

Here is a sample that is to be taken “as is”, as just a basic sample of how to make an AIR app that has a Form Guide in it that can share data with a PDF that is also in the AIR app. It was created by one of my collegues just to see if it could be done. It is not an officially support solution at this time, but numerous people are starting to build apps of this type. Please keep that in mind. You can retieve your Guide SWFs to use from the temporary Preview directory.
This is a Flex Builder 3.0.1 project zipped up.

Download file

NOTE: TOO MEET the USER LICENCE AGREEMENT for Guide Builder, you must use LiveCycle Forms Service to generate the Guide SWF. The use of the Designer Preview is for Development purposes only.

To get just the SWF returned (instead of the html with callbacks) from the normal LC FormGuide request add/set “cb=1” to the request.

The GAClientRuntime.swc and XFAModel.swc Library files can be found in LC Designer’s install directory under plugins/GuideBuilder, the project will need to point there on your system.