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Optimizing Your Guide

You’ve been working hard on your Guide polishing it up and down, meeting the requirements, and writing those unique custom controls.  The images are good, the colors are bang on, and you’re ready to publish the Guide!   Well, maybe not quite yet.   Let’s double check a few things before moving forward.


Those assets that we love to include to make our applications shine are essential to have, but do you know what you’re imposing?  Many times we receive images from our graphic designers that may look nice, but may also kill our end users experience.  It’s up to you to double check to make sure that those assets aren’t large in file size.  Many times designers will give us the best looking image, but fail to scale it down for the web experience.  Send that one megabyte image back to your graphic designer and ask them to bring it down to a couple of kilobytes.  If you were to embed that one
megabyte file into your Guide, the resulting end user experience is going to suffer.

Sometimes the goal is to include a corporate look, which may impose the necessity to embed fonts.  Be aware of those font sizes, they add up fast when you need to include, bold, italic, and normal. 

Custom Code

Sometimes losing something is a good thing.  This one setting is essential to set when compiling your custom Guide code. 

If you’re using ant to perform your build you will need to set your library linkage to use "-external-library-path" for the dcruntime_library.swc. 

If you’re using Flash Builder, you’ll be modifying the "Link Type" for dcruntime_library.swc.  Open the project properties, select "Flex Library Build Path", then select the "Library Path" tab.  Expand the dcruntime_library.swc entry where you will see the "Link Type" field.

By default this value is set to external.  Double click the Link Type entry and it will open up a second window. 

Change the value from merged into code to External.   Apply the changes and recompile your custom code.   Ah, doesn’t that feel better, 1.4 megabytes gone! 

Be smart of what you’re including in your Guide.  The experience needs to be a primary concern for all of us.  Assets are scaled correctly; code is linked correctly, now it’s time to publish that Guide!