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Flag Mandatory Fields Automatically

If you would like to use script in your forms in order to automatically flag mandatory fields, using a red asterisk (*) in their captions, check-out this article I just posted on my blog.

The script supports mandatory fields with the following characteristics:

  • have plain or rich text captions
  • have no captions (no asterisk is displayed in this case)
  • use text objects (plain or rich text) as captions instead of normal field captions
  • have the same name (multiple instances that aren’t dynamically generated)
  • are inside repeating subform instances

Typically called when the root subform is initialized, the script will search recursively (depth-first search) for all fields within a specified container (i.e. the root subform) and will place the asterisk on any mandatory field it finds. There is also a function by which the asterisk can be toggled on/off by explicitly telling the function whether to treat the field as mandatory or optional.

The script is located in a script object. The idea is that you would make a script object fragment out of it and re-use it in any form that needs this functionality. The script is also heavily commented so it should be relatively easy to extend for your own needs.

“Dynamic Document Generator” is now “On-Demand Assembly”

The Dynamic Document Generator is now called the On-Demand Assembly Building Block.

The latest version of On-Demand Assembly and more information about this building block is available on:

Review Commenting and Approval Building Block

This series of articles provides you with tips, tricks and all you wanted to know about the Review Commenting and Approval Building Block.

Following new entries have been added:
Create custom process to initiate a RCA process

Electronic Submissions Solution Accelerator

Read on to find out more on Electronic Submissions Solution Accelerator.

eSubmissions Solution Accelerator is built on the Review Commenting and Approval and On Demand Assembly building blocks.

To learn how to design and initiate a Review Commenting and Approval workflow using eSubmissions, you can read the following article series:
Part -2

Announcing the release of the eSubmissions Solution Accelerator v1.0

The extended eSubmissions solution accelerator team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of eSubmissions 1.0. Building on the foundation of LiveCycle ES, the eSubmissions Solution Accelerator enables the rapid delivery of managed and auditable review, commenting and approval solutions for life sciences. The eSubmissions Solution Accelerator will help Adobe’s life sciences customers bring new drugs and devices to market faster and with better oversight, and will help them reduce the burdens of their regulatory compliance efforts. Beyond life sciences, the eSubmissions Solution Accelerator can help Adobe systems integrators, partners, professional services, and customers rapidly deliver managed review, commenting, and approval solutions built on LiveCycle ES, for applications such as legal/contract review, manufacturing design reviews, and any other procedure-based review and approval process.

Along with life sciences-specific samples and documentation, the eSubmissions Solution Accelerator is built on the new Review, Commenting, and Approval and the updated On-Demand Assembly building-blocks. The Review, Commenting, and Approval building block combines the PDF collaboration tools of Acrobat and Reader with the structure and process management of LiveCycle in an auditable environment. The eSubmissions Solution Accelerator also includes the latest version of the On-Demand Assembly building block. The On-Demand Assembly building block enables forms and documents to be assembled into PDF Portfolios and documents based on business rules. These new technology building blocks add value to LiveCycle ES by enabling the rapid development of enterprise applications targeting the needs of Adobe’s enterprise customers.

eSubmissions Solution Accelerator:

More information about the Solution Accelerator program and other Solution Accelerators:

Your feedback, suggestions, and questions are greatly appreciated, and can be made via the user forums.

With the formal announcement of eSubmissions v1.0, we’d like to add a note of thanks and acknowledgement to the many people who downloaded the pre-release version and provided feedback.

Ed Chase
Solutions Architect, Life Sciences & Manufacturing

Ashish Agrawal
Group Product Manager