Design a Document review & approval workflow using eSubmissions – Part 2

In the first article, we discussed how to create a review commenting and approval template. In this article, we will talk about “how to initiate a Review Commenting and Approval process

Initiating a Review Commenting and Approval process
To initiate a RCA process, you can log in to eSubmissions’ review portal using your credentials. Review Portal is a one step portal for authoring, initiating and tracking review, commenting and approval (referred as RCA hereafter in this document) workflow.

Once you log in to review portal, navigate to “Initiate Review” tab. You would see a list of all the active templates.

To initiate a RCA process, please select desired review template.

Selecting a template

Once you select a template, initiate wizard would start.

Defining the Review Title and Description


Provide a title for the Review Title and description and click next. Please note that regulation value can not be changed here, values entered at RCA template creation level can not be edited or modified while initiating the RCA process.

Stages and Timelines
Next screen would display the list of stages and speculated timelines for each participant in every stage. In case of serial review/approval stage, total duration of stage would be equally divided in all the participant. Please note that this is not the actual time line, only speculated time based on the total duration of the stage.

In a serial review/approval, if a participant consumes most of the time allotted to that stage, then moderator/initiator can use review dashboard and increase the duration of the stage on need basis.


Adding Participants
You can add more reviewers/approvers/moderators by clicking “Add Participant” button on the above screen.

Please note that you can not remove/modify the participants added template creation level.

Supporting Documents
You can add supporting documents at the time of initiation, to read more about supporting documents. Please read part1 of this series.


After adding supporting document, click next to go to next step.

Adding Content for Review Commenting and Approval
The final step is to add main content that is to be reviewed and/or approved. You can browse and add multiple documents on this screen, those documents will be converted to pdf. And, combined into a single document. That final master document will be passed to RCA workflow.

Please note that for PDF conversion to work, necessary LiveCycle components should be installed on server.

Once you click finish button, RCA workflow would be triggered. Required participants in RCA process would receive email notifications from time to time about the progress of the process.
Upon initiation, stages would execute in sequence. First the reviewer/approvers in the first stage would be assigned the tasks. To see the task, user would have to login to LiveCycle Workspace. To see the progress of RCA process, you can use eSubmissions Dashboard. Dashboard applications is just another tab within review portal.

In coming articles, we would try some more advanced options while creating RCA template.

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