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Simple utility to execute database query from within CQ

Simple utility to execute database query and see the results within CQ 1. Add a node (lets call it "databaseQuery") of type sling:Folder under /etc/importers 2.  Add a property called sling:resourceType to this node with value database/importdata 3. As in the below screenshot, database/importdata correspond to the nodes below. So, basically, create the node database of type nt:folder under /apps. Create a component called importdata underneath the database node. 4. Read more [...]

[CQ5.4] “java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for”

Are you trying to configure JDBC Datasource on CQ5.4 and keep getting the following exception: "java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for"   Follow the next three steps and you should be good to go: First of all, get the jdbc driver jar from your database vendor. I m sure you already have this! My assumption is this is the non-OSGI(fied) version of the jdbc driver jar. 1. Copy the driver jar under crx-quickstart/server/lib/container. Before we proceed further, shutdown Read more [...]

[Upgrade] CQ5.3 to CQ5.4 upgrade issues and how to resolve those

As we all know, there are two upgrade paths from CQ5.3 to CQ5.4. 1. Upgrading the jar file  - This is the usual upgrade path but comes with its own challenges. 2. Fresh installation - I prefer this most of the time if version history is not very important. Recently, we did an upgrade (i.e. replacing the jar file) for one of our customers moving from CQ5.3 to CQ5.4. One of the issue we faced was 'Internal server error' in CRX explorer, and other inconsistencies in CRX like package manager Read more [...]

[CQ5.4 Workflow] Approve OR Reject (send back to author) setup

This is a sample workflow model which demonstrates the "Approve" and "Reject" steps. Basically, it will work as follows: Once the author is done with the changes, he/she can send the page for review which means author starts the 'Approval workflow'. Approver/Reviewer reviews content and can either approve or reject the changes. If approved, content is published immediately else goes back to the initiator of the workflow. Setup Users and Groups Setup the following groups with appropriate Read more [...]

[CQ5.4] Workflow process to send an email using MessageGateway

Bit of background: If you are upgrading from CQ5.3 to CQ5.4, and you have a workflow process to send an email, you may have noticed that MailService class used in CQ5.3 has been deprecated since 5.4 and now we are supposed to use MessageGateway.  Below, is the code snippet which shows on how to use MessageGateway to send an email. Know your basics: Create an OSGI Bundle as described here: Refer CQ5 docs on defining a process step using Java class here: Custom workflow process step Read more [...]

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