12,842 years and counting…

comScore, a company that measures online activity, released their quarterly(?) report on online video on Nov 30/07 for the month of September. The last report on online video was published on Sep 12/07, and there were some interesting differences between the two reports. Some highlights listed below (keep in mind that these figures are derived from US Internet activity only):

  • Google jumped from 27% share of videos viewed online in July to 28.3% in September.
  • Google (through YouTube) is clearly the leader in its share of online video viewership. The runner-up for the title for September was Fox Interactive which had 4.2% of the share! For Fox, I’m guessing it’s myspacetv.com and fox.com contributing to this.
  • In the US, 2 out of 5 Internet users watched a video on YouTube in September – that’s 70 million people watching 2.5 billion video clips. The average viewing time was 2.7 minutes.. that comes out to 12,842 years of running time! (2.5B x 2.7min / 60 / 24 / 365). Yowza!

If you’re into these types of stats, check out the press releases section on comScore.com.

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