A few photos from the sales & marketing conference

I promised that I would post a few pictures from the recent Adobe sales & marketing conference.. and since I didn’t actually bring a camera myself, I had to rely on others sending me some of their shots.. I’m not sure what the official Adobe policy is on posting these publicly, but they’re all pretty generic, so I’m guessing it’s cool.

Adobe turned 25 this year (started on December 2, 1982 I believe) – so there was a big party on the Thursday night to celebrate. It was held in a huge tent/pavilion the size of two or three football fields! The main act was Smasmouth (lead singer pictured above), who actually put on a pretty good show, but the audio levels were way too high, making it impossible to actually talk to other people. C’est la vie.

Any companies out there that haven’t yet done an ‘Idol’ type event? Well, last week was Adobe’s turn – and I must say they did a pretty good job with the whole production. The best part was the judges – Terry White played Randy Jackson’s role quite well, including all the Yo Dawgs and telling everyone they were a little ‘pitchy’.

So here’s my brush with a Photoshop deity.. that’s me on the right and John Nack (Photoshop PM) on the left! Boy do I look short next to John – and he’s not super tall, which makes me a little vertically challenged.

I also got to meet Bruce Chizen (outgoing CEO), John Warnock (co-founder of Adobe, inventor of postscript) and Chuck Geschke (co-founder of Adobe), which was kind of neat.

Overall the conference was a ton of fun. I really do feel privileged to work at Adobe – not only because of the great software and technologies the company is known for, but also because of my brilliant and inspiring co-workers.

By the way, the above three photos are from Terry White.. and he has a much more interesting post on the 25th Anniversary Party.. so check it out.

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