Flash Media Server 3 Announced

Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3Adobe announced the Flash Media Server 3 family of products yesterday (link to press release). Essentially, there are now two flavours of FMS available – Flash Media Streaming Server 3 and Flash Media Interactive Server 3. In addition to a whole slew of new features, the price and licensing for FMS has been drastically changed.

For example, the Flash Media Streaming Server has been priced at $995 USD with no limitations in terms of bandwidth and number of concurrent connections. By contrast, the price of FMS2 Pro Edition was $4,500 with three available profiles including one for a 150 concurrent connections. If all you’re looking for is to step up your progressive download video deployment to streaming video, or you want to broadcast live events, the interactive server may fit the bill at a fraction of the cost of deploying FMS2.

One important distinction between FMS2 Pro Edition and FMSS3 is that FMSS3 is a video streaming only solution. In order to build multi-way applications, cluster servers, record video, enable server-side playlists, etc., you’ll need to move up to the Flash Media Interactive Server 3, offered at $4,500 USD. FMIS3 basically combines the old Pro, Origin and Edge servers into one. You buy the same FMIS3 and choose to deploy it as either a Pro, Origin or Edge server.

A developer edition is also available which has all the features of FMIS3, but is limited to 10 concurrent connections. A comparison of the editions is available on Adobe.com (link).

The new pricing, features and performance improvements really make the technology accessible to a much wider audience and position FMS for wide adoption. Pretty exciting times for Adobe and customers alike!

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December 5, 2007