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On the road…

I’m at an Adobe staff conference in San Jose all week, so haven’t been able to get to the blog the last few days. For an employee that works away from a major office, these types of conferences are great for getting some rare face-to-face time with my colleagues. Every year I’m amazed by the incredible talent at the company – just great people to work with!

Anyway, getting the skinny on all the new and exciting things happening at the company.. but unfortunately most of it is confidential, so you’ll have to wait, but I promise it’ll be worth it.

There is a large event planned later this week to officially celebrate Adobe’s 25th anniversary – I’ll try to post some pictures afterwards of your fav Adobe personalities gettin’ down.

Next generation of Adobe Acrobat Connect on Adobe Labs

Interesting addition to Adobe Labs today – a preview of the next generation of Adobe Acrobat Connect, Adobe’s web conferencing and collaboration platform. Just to be clear, Brio is not the new version of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional.

The beta version will let you host an unlimited number of meetings with up to 3 people and gives you access to the usual web conferencing features – screen sharing, chat, whiteboards, multi-point video, multi-point VOIP and file sharing. Audio conferencing is also included for the 3 meeting participants, but long distance charges may apply to the callers. I have a flat-rate North America calling plan on my landline and mobile phone, so not really an issue.

If you haven’t tried Connect before, one of the nicest features of the platform is that meeting rooms are persistent, just like your office or the boardroom down the hall. You set up your meeting room with a personalized address (I chose Your room will always be available to you, as long as you have an Interne

t connection and Flash Player 9 installed. Of course, because it’s based on Flash, Brio will work for both Windows and Mac users (no reason why we can’t just get along!).

All you need to sign up is an Adobe ID. Get more information on

Speaking of NYC… Flash Billboard in Times Square

I was in Manhattan this week for a few meetings and had some spare time to visit Times Square to see the new ‘Adobe’ billboard. It took me a while to find it, since aside from a quick 10-second ‘Powered by Flash’ video clip that plays few minutes, there weren’t any additional clues.

So in case you find yourself near W 48th & 7th/8th avenue, look for The Color Purple Starring Fantasia billboard and then look right under that. What you’re looking at is the largest Flash Video player in the world! If you want to be at eye-level with the billboard, I’d suggest Foley’s Fish House at the Renaissance Hotel. As an aside, that hotel just went through a massive renovation and they went with this crazy, plastic/organic decor in the place. Kind of weird, but then again, it’s New York.

By the way, is it just me or is that Dana Davis (Monica Dawson/muscle mimic on Heroes) on the poster?

Adobe is looking for an SE in New York City

The SE team at Adobe is looking for a web SE (Sales/Solutions Engineer) based in the Big Apple – and that someone could be you! The full job description can be found at > Careers > Job ID: CC100772.

We’re looking for someone that has a solid background in Adobe web tools like Flash and Dreamweaver. Strong Photoshop, Illustrator, Flex, Actionscript skills would be great assets.

I would highly recommend Adobe as an employer. It’s a great place to work, the pay is better than competitive, the benefits are first-rate, the people are fantastic and the customers in NYC are really, really fun.

If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail and we can talk.

Flash Media Server & Adobe Media Player presentation

Here’s a slide deck I presented recently at an Adobe eSeminar that covers the new features in Flash Media Server 3 as well as an overview of the Adobe Media Player.

Flash Media Server 3 Announced

Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3Adobe announced the Flash Media Server 3 family of products yesterday (link to press release). Essentially, there are now two flavours of FMS available – Flash Media Streaming Server 3 and Flash Media Interactive Server 3. In addition to a whole slew of new features, the price and licensing for FMS has been drastically changed.

For example, the Flash Media Streaming Server has been priced at $995 USD with no limitations in terms of bandwidth and number of concurrent connections. By contrast, the price of FMS2 Pro Edition was $4,500 with three available profiles including one for a 150 concurrent connections. If all you’re looking for is to step up your progressive download video deployment to streaming video, or you want to broadcast live events, the interactive server may fit the bill at a fraction of the cost of deploying FMS2.

One important distinction between FMS2 Pro Edition and FMSS3 is that FMSS3 is a video streaming only solution. In order to build multi-way applications, cluster servers, record video, enable server-side playlists, etc., you’ll need to move up to the Flash Media Interactive Server 3, offered at $4,500 USD. FMIS3 basically combines the old Pro, Origin and Edge servers into one. You buy the same FMIS3 and choose to deploy it as either a Pro, Origin or Edge server.

A developer edition is also available which has all the features of FMIS3, but is limited to 10 concurrent connections. A comparison of the editions is available on (link).

The new pricing, features and performance improvements really make the technology accessible to a much wider audience and position FMS for wide adoption. Pretty exciting times for Adobe and customers alike!

Thermo Demo Video (from Adobe Edge Newsletter)

Again, following up on my presentation content, here’s a link to a demo of Thermo, a designer-friendly RIA development tool that Adobe is working on: (link).

This video is courtesy of the Adobe Edge Newsletter. If you want to keep up to date on the latest and greatest from Adobe, be sure to subscribe!

SHARE Beta – Sign Up Now

For those of you interested in how I shared my presentation slides below, I used SHARE. SHARE is a free web-based service from Adobe that allows users to share documents while controlling who gets to access your files. Once you upload your files, you can choose to enter a recipient’s e-mail address, and specify whether the file will be available publicly or restricted to the recipient(s) only. The recipient then gets an e-mail with a link to download the file. Online previews are rendered using Flash (currently only available for PDF and Flash documents), but other file types can still be shared (without the online Flash previews). You can also embed these shared documents into websites or blogs, like I did. There is a limit of 1GB per user account.

To sign up, go to:

FlashinTO Pecha Kucha Presentation

I had a chance to present at the November 28th FlashinTO user group meeting. The format was Pecha Kucha ( Essentially, 20 slides, 20 seconds each, for a total of a 6 minutes, 40 seconds presentation. My presentation was a quick tour of what’s new at Adobe.